Oleksiy  Myronenko

Oleksiy Myronenko, CEO of the MIKO Group logistics group of companies, looks positively at the development of the logistics...

Oleksiy Myronenko, CEO of the MIKO Group logistics group of companies, looks positively at the development of the logistics industry in Ukraine despite the corona crisis. Oleksiy is sure that everything is possible even during a crisis when you work with a young and ambitious team of professionals to build a sustainable future.

Oleksiy  <span>Myronenko</span>

The approach to work, implemented at the MIKO Group, is the future of international logistics


Oleksiy Myronenko, CEO of the MIKO Group logistics group of companies, looks positively at the development of the logistics industry in Ukraine despite the corona crisis. Oleksiy is sure that everything is possible even during a crisis when you work with a young and ambitious team of professionals to build a sustainable future.

LDaily: Please, tell us about MIKO Group. What is your competitive advantage?

O. Myronenko: MIKO Group is the logistics group of companies based in Dnipro, Ukraine. We have been working in the market for 13 years, cooperating with the largest European chemical manufacturers and other clients from various industries. MIKO Group deals with the transportation of complex and standard cargoes: liquid, bulk, palletized, and others. We also have a large fleet of our own cars.

The team is our main advantage. No one on the market has such a quality of service, expertise in the field of transportation, and the range of services. MIKO started in 2007, as a small office of 15 m2 with only two employees. Now, in addition to the main office in Dnipro, we have branches in Poland and the Czech Republic, and our team consists of more than 120 professionals.

LDaily: Any business begins with the people. Please, tell us about the peculiarities of the recruitment and the working conditions in your company. Describe a motivated employee at MIKO Group. How do you motivate the personnel?

O. Myronenko: At MIKO Group, we love young employees. Our team is about energetic, motivated people who do their work brilliantly. And the customer does not even notice the huge work behind every delivery. Our main principle is: if you have made commitments, you must fulfill them, no matter what.

To me, it is important to have young and ambitious people around, to be able to make a breakthrough with the company. They need to have unstoppable energy. When we first started, I personally conducted 400 interviews to find particular employees. I have chosen 3 people… They still work with us and have moved up the career ladder from the ordinary employees to the project managers, making an invaluable contribution. It is important to understand that we are a very friendly team. People who share our common values and principles stay with us for a long time. We work and have fun together, take part in social activities and sports actions.

LDaily: What are the companies you work with?

O. Myronenko: We are proud to work with the European chemical manufacturers BASF and DOW. It is not easy for the Ukrainian company to win the trust of such companies. We are the only group of the logistics companies in the domestic market that meets the requirements of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) for transport, forwarding companies, and treatment plants, which is confirmed by the assessment according to the SQAS. CEFIC sets high-quality standards for the transportation of chemical cargo, which is followed by each employee. This gives us the opportunity to work with the most stringent requirements for transportation plants.

We have been delivering chemical cargo to our customers in Europe and Ukraine for over 13 years. Chemicals differ from other cargoes in the ability to react, therefore, its transportation involves the fulfillment of the large number of requirements, many of which are specific to each individual product. It raises the bar of the process management and the quality control much higher, in contrast to the transportation of other goods. I am confident that no logistics company in the CIS has such a level of expertise in this matter.

MIKO Group works not only with the chemical cargoes. Our subsidiary company, Cargo Delivery, operates in the standard sectors of the economy, providing the same quality of services as the MIKO Group.

LDaily: What has coronavirus changed in the logistics market? What else will it change in the logistics and the global supply chains?

O. Myronenko: I think coronavirus will accelerate the automation of all processes in the world, and will primarily affect the supply chains. The value of the human factor in this sector will gradually decline. Quarantine showed that remote work is as efficient as office work and face-to-face meetings. Automatic programs for the supply, Zoom, Skype, virtual ratings of the companies and professionals – this is the future. I reckon that in a couple of years clients will be surprised when offered a meeting in person.

LDaily: Did you change the business processes in the company due to the corona crisis?

O. Myronenko: Our office was in quarantine, but the essence of the work remained the same. It was interesting to observe: remote work for me was like the experiment. Turns out, our efficiency has increased even comparing to the period before the corona crisis. There is nothing complicated in the remote work if you choose a good team and set up business processes “onshore”.

LDaily: What are the challenges facing the operating logistics companies in Ukraine? What is the peculiarity of the Ukrainian logistics market? Why did you decide to be engaged in logistics?

O. Myronenko: Ukraine is a rather specific market in all respects. But if you do the job properly and fulfill all obligations to customers, you can succeed in any market. My grandfather, Pavel Mynovych Myronenko, taught me consistency in everything and responsibility for my decisions. I have infinite respect for this man, and it was thanks to him that I began such business. I can be called a hereditary transporter.

I see how the trend of intermodal transport is developing in our country. Ports and railways are the future, moreover, Ukraine is very conveniently located geographically. Because of our infrastructure, we have all the potential to become a huge logistics center for such transportation. The main objective is to make efforts for developing this industry, to not lose this opportunity, and to organise the process wisely.

LDaily: What investments are planned by the company for the next few years? Do you plan to change the investment opportunities due to coronavirus?

O. Myronenko: Our mission is in raising the standards for the entire logistics market in Ukraine. We want more and more Ukrainian companies with European philosophy. Therefore, we consult our clients on the issues related to the organization of the logistics, we conduct the internal audit for our carriers, work only with the best, and set an example for the entire industry. We want to build a transparent and honest company, with the maximum responsibility for what we are doing as part of the global trend of sustainable development.

We are currently developing a network of washing stations for tanks that transport chemicals and other goods. Our washing stations were approved by the European industry organization EFTCO and undergo regular inspections by CEFIC. I am confident that with such an approach to work that we’re taking in the MIKO Group, can be considered the future of international logistics.

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