Nutsa  Abramishvili

Nutsa Abramishvili, the CEO of Schuchmann Wines Winery, shared with LDaily her successes in managing wellness tourism in Georgia, her fruitful experience in combining different sectors of the tourism industry: winemaking, gastronomy, and the hotel industry with complete infrastructure, and recreational real estate sector — all in harmony with the national traditions and culture of hospitable Georgia.

Nutsa  <span>Abramishvili</span>

We make dreams come true for guests of this magical country — Georgia, and its winemaking center Kakheti


Nutsa Abramishvili, the CEO of Schuchmann Wines Winery, shared with her successes in managing wellness tourism in Georgia, her fruitful experience in combining different sectors of the tourism industry: winemaking, gastronomy, and the hotel industry with complete infrastructure, and recreational real estate sector — all in harmony with the national traditions and culture of hospitable Georgia.

: Could you please tell us about Schuchmann Group?

N. Abramishvili: The Schuchmann Group activities are set in several directions: Schuchmann Travel, wine spa, wine bar, and our hotel. German philanthropist and entrepreneur Burkhard Schuchmann in Kakheti, the heart of the Georgian wine region, founded Schuchmann Wines in 2008. The concept ‘Schuchmann in Kisiskhevi’ reveals a unique history of work and activity, with the same special character as the wines we create. A French concept, 2 million-bottle boutique winery, 20-room boutique hotel with stunning views of the Caucasus Range and Alazan Valley, high-class Georgian restaurant and exclusive wine spa welcoming tourists from all over the world and a professional management team — these are the core values of the Schuchmann brand.

: Could you tell us more about each Schuchmann Group direction?

N. Abramishvili:


The winery specializes in well-known local varieties of Georgian grapes. Founded in 2008 by the Schuchmann family in the heart of Georgia’s Kakheti wine region.

The French Château concept is the basis and the heart of the Georgian winemaking process. Schuchmann Wines produces exclusive wines with an elegant aroma and a fine balance of local grape varieties, using both traditional European methods and ancient technologies that go back to the beginning of the world’s earliest — Georgian — winemaking.

The Schuchmann winery in Kisiskhevi is a unique story, with its defining features as impeccable and expressive as the wines we create. Our winery is an expression of our individualities starting from the smoothness of glass and steel and ending with the warmth of stone and wood.


Boutique-style hotel with 20 comfortable and well-appointed rooms offers beautiful views of the vineyards and mountains. Unforgettable impressions from a wine tour will immerse you in the wonderful world of this magical drink. In the restaurant, the chef will treat you with masterpieces of local national cuisine. In the wine cellar, you will find the perfect drink for your exquisite meal. The château territory has miniature golf, billiards, a swimming pool, a wine spa, and a gym.

The Schuchmann Wines château in Kisiskhevi is part of a large complex of buildings, situated in a fabulous place with a breathtaking view of the snow-covered Caucasus Range and the picturesque Alazan Valley.


Our wine spa is represented by a mix of designs based on unique fragments of wine and exclusive entirely natural products made from berries collected in our vineyards. Our wine therapists have developed unique treatments for spa guests, for example, regenerating grape seed scrubbing. Also, there are procedures combined with local therapeutic muds that contribute to a significant improvement in health; hot wine baths and other wellness activities. The leading product of Schuchmann Weins spa is grape seed oil. It is valued for its unique characteristics — it is a natural moisturizing antioxidant and softening product that makes the skin delicate and supple, preventing its aging. The Schuchmann Weins spa offers wine baths where guests can experience the magical power of refreshing moisture. The spa uses only local natural materials, carefully harvested in our vineyards and processed using natural methods.


The Schuchmann Wine Bar and Restaurant offer a high standard of genuine Georgian wine and gastronomic experience. First of all, it is about high-quality service. Then come fantastic handmade wines from our château, Georgian interior design, open kitchen, avant-garde molecular Georgian dishes, non-smoking atmosphere, local ethnic-jazz and well-trained professional staff who are always happy to welcome privileged guests.


Schuchmann Travel is part of the Schuchmann Holding. As an experienced and professional travel agency, we focus only on high-quality service in all directions of the incoming flow of tourism. Our services for clients are an excellent opportunity to explore beautiful Georgia, feel local hospitality, taste Georgian cuisine, and get acquainted with 8000 years of wine-making traditions. Clients can be sure that all their requests and expectations from the trip will be satisfied once they come to our office. We can also create a personalized package of services from A to Z for everyone and provide excellent service during visiting Georgia.

: It seems that wine production is the Group’s main focus. How does Schuchmann Wines Georgia develop the export markets?

N. Abramishvili: Our holding is quite diversified. We work in wellness tourism, gastronomy, and the agricultural sector. We welcome around 25,000 guests a year, produce and export 2 million bottles of wine to 25 countries and build exclusive cottages in a château in the Schuchmann wine village. We make dreams come true for guests of this magical country — Georgia, and its winemaking center Kakheti.

: What are the peculiarities of doing wine business in Georgia?

N. Abramishvili: Georgian winemaking is 8000 years old. It is the oldest and the most traditional industry in the country, so winemaking, wine tourism, and agriculture are priorities for the state.

The private sector, together with the state, is actively developing marketing awareness around the world, jointly promoting and expanding Georgian products to export markets, creating a well-developed service infrastructure to attract tourists.

: How did you begin the career at the company? Could you please share your achievements?

N. Abramishvili: My career began in 2005 when I started working for the Tbilisi city government. I headed the Department of Strategic and Socio-Economic Development of Tbilisi Municipality, where I was involved in the activities of local SMEs, tourism projects and strategic directions of the city’s development. After seven years of work, I joined Deloitte in the USAID project as a manager in the tourism sector. Since 2012, I have been the CEO and partner of the Schuchmann Group and also the Vice President of FIABCI-GEORGIA.

: You are selling villas in Kakheti. Tell us about these villas, their features and about how one can buy them.

N. Abramishvili: Schuchmann Wine Luxury Villas in the Schuchmann Wines château area is a great opportunity to invest in vacation in the highly sought-after Kakheti region, thus, this is a chance to receive a high annual income. Exclusive villas share the style of a luxurious wine village, with complete exterior and interior infrastructure and management from the Schuchmann HoRe Group. The construction of these cottages is planned on a 5-hectare guarded area surrounded by vineyards. The rooms will offer spectacular views of the Caucasus Range and the Alazan Valley. A cozy 600-square-meter private garden with vineyards will surround each building. Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, as well as walkways, are on site. Vacationers can access all the Schuchmann Hotel services. There is a wide range of products and goods, and an extensive infrastructure: proper, exclusively produced and branded Georgian wine with transportation services; Georgian restaurant (dishes are made from only natural products); wine cellars; wine spa; mini golf; gym; game zone; laundry; playground; security; parking; concierge services; even the helipad…

The cost includes construction, repair, furniture, and a private vineyard for 600-800 square meters.
We design each villa with Kakheti-specific architecture and interiors, which include modern details. Construction materials for both interior and exterior use elements of rare and exclusive natural materials of Georgia, such as river stone, Georgian brick, local wood, etc. Furniture design is completely unique, so there is no chance to find analogs or copies. The main materials for the interior are exclusive Georgian tree, and a 19th-century Georgian brick, which creates complete comfort.

If you want your property to generate high returns, our team with its considerable experience in hotel management will take care of management and rent according to your preferences, so you will get a high guaranteed return on investment.

: What are your plans for the near future?

N. Abramishvili: The Schuchmann Group plans to expand its activities to the real estate sector in the next five years. We are now implementing resort projects in Georgia, which will combine all our services, including a rehab center, Georgian restaurants, wine cellars, a wine spa and, of course, exceptional service.

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