Boris  Abazher

Boris Abazher, CEO of TRIARE, which has been successfully operating in a very dynamic software field for many years, shared...

Boris Abazher, CEO of TRIARE, which has been successfully operating in a very dynamic software field for many years, shared with LDaily readers his vision of its development, focusing on the transformation of priorities among users, which encourages improving the quality and security of IT products and expected changes in the IT industry in general.

Boris  <span>Abazher</span>

We are on track to build a sustainable organization that generates value for customers around the world and serves the community

18.11.2020 (№ LDaily #16)

Boris Abazher, CEO of TRIARE, which has been successfully operating in a very dynamic software field for many years, shared with LDaily readers his vision of its development, focusing on the transformation of priorities among users, which encourages improving the quality and security of IT products and expected changes in the IT industry in general.

LDaily: Tell us, please, where did the history of TRIARE begin?

B. Abazher: It all started with a collaboration with a German startup, which needed to gather a team that would develop their product. After several years of cooperation, we have decided that we need to move as an independent company and work with new customers. TRIARE was born when my partner Anton, a manager at the time, joined the company, and we started working on this interesting project together.

LDaily: What business and startup solutions does your company provide? What projects do you carry out in TRIARE? What companies do you work with?

B. Abazher: We started by positioning ourselves as a company that writes quality code. However, now the greatest value is our approach to each project, where we analyze the needs of a startup or business and offer them a technical solution that can be implemented using the web and mobile development technologies. Then we put it into practice and measure success. That is, for a business or startup, we offer the satisfaction of needs with the help of effective technological tools.

We are working on quite interesting projects in various fields. This is agribusiness, and telemedicine, and software applications for children, IoT (Internet of Things), and other industries. We create projects that have potential, benefit people, and profit their owners. Over the years, we have created our own mantra that guides the founders to the “path of truth.” It sounds like this: the two biggest reasons for startup failures are poor technical execution and insufficient marketing. That is why we qualitatively solve and recommend who to turn to for a solution to the second.

LDaily: What were the first successes and first failures of the company?

B. Abazher: I consider it a success that we have clients and colleagues who have been with us longer than the company has officially existed. Together we did a lot of interesting and useful things. We try to build a sustainable business based on the right values and believe that continuous growth is a success. The key to our success and the success of our customers are three values: responsibility, reliability, and relationships. These are three Rs (Responsibility, Reliability, Relationships) – hence the name TRIARE.

Yes, we make mistakes and things don’t always go smoothly, but a positive result is our responsibility to customers and employees. I remember once we missed the deadlines. Our estimate was wrong and we actually lost money on this project. But, nevertheless, we successfully completed it in the end. Because reputation is a strategic advantage and more valuable than tactical financial gain. On the bright side, we analyzed weaknesses and closed an important vacancy, which strengthened the management of our development.

LDaily: How has the global demand for IT services in Ukraine changed since the company was founded?

B. Abazher: Demand has only grown since we started the company, and it continues to grow. On the one hand, the requirements and expectations for team outsourcing have significantly increased. Ukraine has established itself as a responsible and reliable partner among foreign companies. On the other hand, IT companies are mushrooming. Therefore, it may be difficult for foreign companies to navigate with the right choice. For example, sometimes we are approached by clients who initially refused to cooperate because someone else offered cheaper development. However, they did not achieve the promised results or did not cope with the tasks at all. Because of this, we have to rework what has already been started instead of doing it correctly and reliably from the beginning.

We strive to be among the top 1% software companies in Ukraine so that potential customers do not even have the idea to look elsewhere. But to stay relevant, you need to grow both personally and improve the company’s internal and external processes. The way we’ve been making money five years ago doesn’t work today. So if what you did before stops working, you need to transform.

LDaily: One of your profiles is mobile application development. Do you agree with the statement that the Internet is becoming the mobile operating system of the future, and applications are slowly dying? In your opinion, for which areas of business are mobile applications best suited, and for which they are simply unnecessary?

B. Abazher: Certain problems that were usually solved by mobile applications are now solved by chatbots. At the same time, we can access basic banking services through mobile applications. In general, current processes with the development of technology become more efficient through the use of certain technical solutions.

We adapt to market needs and are quite flexible in adopting new technologies. The main thing for us is the effectiveness of our decisions on customer requests, and we are ready for change. We also follow long-term trends, such as full automation and no-code solutions. At first, services like AppSheet, Airtable, and Nintex can look like toys, and then at some point they “eat” half of the development market. Are we afraid of that? Rather, we take into account the risks and prepare for the “long game”.

LDaily: How do you work on the safety of your products? What security measures do you use in their development?

B. Abazher: Based on the needs of each project, we apply one or another technical solution. The security measures for the banking application are different from the measures for a simple registration page on the site, but we know how to implement both.

We adhere to current industry standards (ISO / IEC 27002), so the customer can be sure that his product is safe for users. In terms of user data, the GDPR practice that the EU introduced last year is a clear guide for us and our customers.

LDaily: How has the corona crisis affected your company? What are the challenges facing the company now?

B. Abazher: Some clients, whose business areas directly depend on offline (tourism, retail, sports), have experienced a decline in business, which has affected us. Managers did not know what to expect, so fear and doubt guided them. However, we tried to convey restrained optimism through a series of emails and face-to-face Zoom meetings. Together with our clients, we saw new opportunities and found ways to partially or completely resume work.

“When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.” As a result, the brave benefited from new opportunities, while others fell even further behind the leaders. It’s easy to find reasons why something doesn’t work out, however, in my opinion, it’s better to die trying. During the quarantine, we received more new clients and interesting projects than six months before.

LDaily: What is your strategy? What are your plans and ambitions?

B. Abazher: We are on the way to building a sustainable organization that generates value for customers from around the world and serves the community in which it lives. What exactly do we want to achieve? Profit growth 10 times over the next four years. At the same time, it is important for us to improve the satisfaction of our employees and implement our own spin-off projects.
How do we achieve this? We are aware of the full range of possibilities and form a clear list of what we will not do. At the same time, we focus on our strengths and continue to do our job perfectly, namely technical solutions for businesses and startups. And most importantly, we measure a change in everything that can be measured.

As I mentioned before, one of the three values of the TRIARE is relationships. It is due to building long-term relationships our clients have been working with us for years. We want to share this approach with other businesses. Regarding our competitors: we see everyone as potential partners. Only in synergy, a miracle can be achieved. You don’t have to be Steve Jobs to do that. It is enough to create small transformations not transactions, daily and diligently.

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