About us


LDaily – is an information and analytical business publication with an actual information for business people, the source of an exclusive content about entrepreneurship  and everything, that is connected with it,  important events of Ukrainian and World economy, and resource  for comments and interviews with famous businessmen and authority representatives, author’s special projects and other materials, which are interesting to the modern businessman.

LDaily -is the magazine of business news, on which filling  the team of professional editors, journalists, and content managers have been  working. Here you will be informed about interesting programs and thematic events, cases, and stories of the most different people and  companies.

LDaily – is a unique edition in the Ukrainian media market which concept is based on the segmented approach to informing representatives of business and which gives an opportunity to communicate with your target audience that, respectively, as much as possible increases chances to inform about necessary information of different people and companies

Our goal –is to be the source of a helpful knowledge and opportunities for people who will to develop the business and keep pace with the modern society, and also to convince entrepreneurs that business processes in Ukraine can be created and developed as it happens in this democratic state.

Our mission:  

  • to provide a full support in the development of small, medium and large business in Ukraine and abroad;
  • to popularize an idea of business development only in the legal framework;
  • to promote gender equality in the business of any direction and level informatively.

Our team: 

  • professional independent journalists
  • professional translators
  • professional editors and proofreader
  • professional photographer
  • professional designer


It's been a pleasant journey working with LDaily, I like the way they present their work and their vision on global leaders’ views. They are building a great network for catering to the needs of the elite community. I must say that I enjoy seeing more and more CEO Clubs Network Members connecting with Ukraine through LDaily and looking forward to meeting more CEOs and Entrepreneurs from Ukraine as well.


Sarah Dong, the Executive Director of CEO Clubs UAE

LDaily is more than an information resource. It is a platform where like-minded people exchange ideas, businesses find partners and get closer to their consumers. You can always find the necessary up-to-date information in LDaily. Still, the magazine’s greatest value is that it initiates an expert dialogue, in which we are glad to participate. We are grateful to LDaily for adhering to the high standards of journalism and are always happy to cooperate!


Oksana Khomei, PR nd GR Manager

Before the first publication of LDaily, there was no professional business journal in Ukraine, which without distortion would mirror the situation at the strategic to the economy logistics market, analyzing current issues and challenges, and concentrating the opinions of the leading experts and the trustworthy industry leaders. LDaily`s journalists know the market and always keep an eye on the pulse of the economic processes. It was a pleasure for me to work with the editorial team. And I hope for further fruitful cooperation. Good luck!


Nina Dombrowska, President of Henkel company in Ukraine

Professionalism - can be described in one word the impression made by the work of the LDaily team. Clarity of information, factuality, observance of the deadlines, at the same time absolute correctness and mutual respect both to partners, and to readers. Professional approach and understanding of the responsibility of the journalism mission, causes respect and trust for publication of LDaily. I am glad for our fruitful cooperation.


Uliana Kolodii, PR Manager of logistics companies ZAMMLER

Relevant and necessary questions, professional approach and desire to learn more about the situation in the field of logistics - such impressions I had after an interview with LDaily. The questions are competent, there is an awareness of journalists in business processes and a desire to give the reader the most useful and interesting information. I am thankful to LDaily for its cooperation, invaluable contribution to the development of professional business journalism and an opportunity for us, business representatives, to be heard.


Viktor Shevchenko, Co-owner of ZAMMLER Group of Logistics Companies

For me as a foreigner, LDaily is exactly the magazine I need to keep in touch with Ukrainian Business. The mix of articles and interviews makes reading interesting. The opinions and perspectives on the country, the potential and the economy of Ukraine from experts from all over the world are decisive.


Joerg Baehren, Director Projects & Investments of RE RISE

LDaily is a modern business information resource allowing you to quickly find latest data. It also allows you to join in sharing of opinions in relation to national and global events. Here you can analyze the consequences of such events and make appropriate decisions. Every business player will find something useful for themselves and their colleagues in this magazine. Live interviews and real examples of business stories will be of interest to anyone seeking to realize their ambitions and reach the level of MNC. Let's read together, participate in discussions and create new ideas for the development of the business world!


Dmytro Novikov, marketing specialist of UIFK-Agro LLC

LDaily is a platform letting entrepreneurs share their experiences, which contributes to the creation of a business community of medium and large businesses in Ukraine. The editorial team raises topical and important topics, highlights new trends and effective business cases experienced in practice. Every reader can find something interesting here.


Olga Chumakova, Talent Marketing Intellias

LDaily is about the main things straight first hand. It is a media tool second to none in the market. Every new issue of the magazine discovers top, exclusive material, both of national importance and world-scale. Its content allows you to keep abreast of current issues of entrepreneurship and economics. I would like to highlight the publishing team, they are real professionals. It is extremely easy and effortless to work with them.


Iryna Pronina, HR and Legal Department Director in Lantmannen Axa

I was pleasantly surprised by the attention of LDaily Innovation and Business magazine to the importance of the renewable energy sector development in Ukraine. Wish you satisfied reader and positive impact on change!


Olha Bosak is a member of the Board of Directors of the Norwegian energy company AICEHydro, the founder of Energy Salon XXI and the director of Olha Bosak Management Consulting