In the latest issue of LDaily magazine, we feature interviews with distinguished individuals and companies whose activities significantly influence Ukraine\'s economic development. Among our interviewees is a company engaged in remote sensing, playing a crucial role in the demining and reconstruction of the country, and a company focusing on sustainable technologies for recycling construction waste.

In our economic analysis section, we discuss key issues: the impact of military events on Ukraine\'s economy, prospects for the post-war recovery model, investment and dividend matters, and important topics regarding the bond market.

Don\'t miss the opportunity to learn about projects and initiatives aimed at supporting Ukraine and the challenges businesses face in wartime conditions. Detailed interviews with companies actively implementing innovations in their fields will offer insights into the future of Ukraine\'s economic development.

Unique success stories and the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and companies in the current situation await you. Dive into the new issue of LDaily and stay informed about key events and trends!

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