Investment in industrial solar power plants fell significantly in 2020

Company representatives, who engaged in the design, construction and equipment for solar power plants, note a significant decline in demand for their services. This is due to instability of the industry and growing debts for “green” electricity.

“We are talking about 1260 MW of RES generation that has been launched in the first three quarters of this year. This is more of a moment of inertia. If you take away all the facilities that were decided to invest in this year, when all these problems just began, there will be very little left of this figure, perhaps ten percent, “said the director of Voltage Group Vitaliy Nikolaenko, who oversees the implementation of design projects and construction of energy facilities.

The owner and CEO of Atmosphere Oleksiy Badika is a distributor of technologies and equipment for renewable energy. He also noted the reduction in demand for domestic SPP this year.

In addition, CEO of high-voltage equipment manufacturer Volten Group Alexander Suslov said: “By the beginning of the year, we had plans to participate in 200 MW projects, as a result – 13 MW per year. This is a catastrophic decline in the industry”.

Musk promises that the Tesla plant near Berlin will become the world’s largest battery manufacturer

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants to turn the Tesla plant near Berlin into the world’s largest factory for the production of batteries for electric vehicles.

The businessman stated this on Tuesday, November 24, speaking via video link at the European Conference of Battery Manufacturers.

The plant near Berlin will be one of a kind as it will produce not only electric cars, but also batteries for them. It is planned that about 500,000 Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y electric cars will come off the assembly line in Grüngaide every year.

Tesla currently manufactures batteries for its electric vehicles only in Nevada, and electric vehicles mainly in California. In 2019, a plant for the production of electric machines was also opened in China.

In the near future, Tesla is going to launch mass production of electric tractors, as well as Cybertruck pickups. In addition, according to Mask, the company is preparing to bring to market several models designed specifically for sale in Europe. However, Musk did not specify when the production and sale of these cars will begin.

“Maybe in Europe it would make sense to produce a compact car, a hatchback or something,” Musk said. He explained this by the difference in tastes between Europeans and Americans.

According to Mask, in the United States people prefer larger cars, and in Europe – usually smaller.

Musk also said that he had problems with parking his five-meter car Tesla Model X in Berlin. “I drove a Model X in Berlin, and we had a lot of trouble finding enough parking space,” he said.

In September, the entrepreneur promised to bring batteries to market for the next three years at a price twice lower than today. In addition, he spoke about Tesla’s plans to produce an electric car worth $ 25,000.

Tesla’s value rose above $ 500 billion

Shares of US electric car manufacturer Tesla continue to rise sharply amid news of the company’s future accession to the S&P index. On Tuesday, November 24, the market value of Elon Musk’s company crossed the $ 500 billion mark for the first time.

Tesla shares are said to have risen nearly 550 percent this year, helping Mask add $ 100.3 billion to his equity and overtake Bill Gates in the ranking of the rich, becoming the world’s second richest man with $ 127.9 billion.

“Tesla shares rose by 4.1% on the New York Stock Exchange at the beginning of trading, reaching a record high of $ 543.17 per share and increasing its market capitalization to more than $ 506 billion,” – said in a statement.

Tesla is due to join the S&P 500 on December 21. According to Goldman Sachs Group Inc., this could trigger a $ 8 billion demand from large-cap mutual funds.

“Shares of electric car manufacturers and other related companies around the world are also happy to buy hoping that electric cars will dominate the automotive sector in the coming decades.

Combined with Tesla’s high ratings, it pushes investors to lesser-known names that can benefit from the opportunities growth of the sector “, – analysts of Bloomberg point out.

The Dow Jones index exceeded 30,000 points for the first time in history

The Dow Jones and S&P 500 stocks hit record highs on Tuesday, November 24 amid official news of the transfer of power in the United States and progress in the development of coronavirus vaccines.

In particular, the Dow Jones industrial index rose by 1.5% and for the first time in history exceeded 30,000 points. According to the publication, in November the index may show the maximum monthly increase since 1987.

The S&P 500 rose by 1.62% to 3,635.41 points on Tuesday. And in general in November – by 11.2%.

US President Donald Trump reacted to such an increase in stock indices. During a press conference at the White House, he congratulated Americans and members of his administration on the “absolutely incredible” importance of the Dow Jones.

“This is the 48th time we have broken a record during the Trump administration,” he said.

The largest coffee manufacturer Strauss Group has opened a distribution center in Kyiv

The international company Strauss Group is one of the largest coffee manufacturers in the world. They put into operation a warehouse and distribution center on the street in the third quarter of 2020. It’s located on Novopyrohivska str, 56a in the Holosiivskyi district of Kyiv.

“An innovative distribution center opened in Ukraine in the third quarter,” the group said in its third quarter report.

“September 25, 2020. Now this date has historical value for us. For 20 years of work in Ukraine we have had many achievements in all areas of consumption, production and preparation of coffee.

Today one of our achievements is the opening of a new home for all our employees! Congratulations to all our colleagues on moving to a new very modern, functional, stylish location,” the company said on its Facebook page.

Strauss Group specializes in the production of food and beverages, is one of the five coffee companies in the world. I has 29 production sites in 22 countries, the staff includes 14 thousand people.

In the Eastern European market, Strauss represents the brands Carte Noire, Ambassador, FORT, Totti Caffe, Elite Health Line, Sucrazit.

WHO has announced a new record weekly increase in COVID-19 cases

Last week, from November 16 to 22, more than 4 million people in the world became infected with the new type of coronavirus, which is a record number since the beginning of the pandemic. This was announced on Tuesday, November 24, the press service of the World Health Organization.

According to the WHO, in these seven days the number of cases of COVID-19 infection in the world increased by 4,060,891, fatalities increased by 67,221.

However, the organization said that the latest data indicate a slowdown in the pandemic observed in Europe and Southeast Asia.

In North and South America, by contrast, there has been an increase in both new cases and deaths. The situation is similar in Africa, where last week the highest rates of morbidity (by 15%) and mortality (by 30%) were registered among the regions.

The second power unit was connected at Zaporizhzhya NPP

Zaporizhzhya NPP connected Unit №2 to the power system of Ukraine. This was reported by the press service of NNEGC Energoatom.

“On November 22 at 9:07 pm, after the completion of the average planned and preventive repairs, Unit №2 of Zaporizhzhya NPP is connected to the power system. Power is being set. There are no comments on the operation of the main equipment of existing power units and personnel,” the statement said.

During the repair, which lasted for 104 days, the planned scheduled and over-scheduled works were performed at the power unit. In particular, overhaul of the main and auxiliary equipment was carried out. Measures planned within the framework of the implementation of the Comprehensive (consolidated) program to improve the safety of NPP power units have also been implemented.

Currently, five ZNPP power units are in operation. At Unit №5, 222 days of scheduled average repairs proceeds.

The radiation background in the area of the Zaporizhzhya NPP location and in the sanitary protection zone (the area around the NPP with a radius of 2.5 km) is 8-12 micro-X-rays per hour, which corresponds to the natural radiation background.

IBM makes two cloud acquisitions a week: TruQua and Instana

This week, IBM announced two acquisitions in the field of cloud computing: financial and analytical IT company TruQua Enterprises and software company Instana. The financial terms of the two agreements were not disclosed.

On Monday, IBM announced the acquisition of TruQua, which provides SAP solutions to Fortune 500 companies. SAP is one of the world’s most popular financial accounting and reporting software used to manage and plan corporate finance.

According to the press release, the acquisition will help IBM “in the transfer of financial platforms of customers to SAP”, i.e will change outdated corporate systems and fragmented financial processes to integrated cloud functions that optimize processes such as cash flow, budgeting, consolidation, etc.

BM’s existing arsenal of cloud services and hybrid services will complement TruQua’s offerings to provide customer with more capabilities.

“Our clients are rethinking their core financial processes with cloud technology, artificial intelligence and other technologies to increase value for their organizations. Our acquisition of TruQua strengthens IBM’s deep global finance experience and demonstrates our continued commitment to supporting CFOs’ strategic initiatives, “said Rahul Kalia, Global Managing Partner, Enterprise Cloud Applications, IBM Services.” IBM will leverage TruQua’s extensive experience SAP S / 4HANA Finance & Group Reporting solutions to improve business results through intelligent workflows and a hybrid cloud. ”

“We see a great opportunity to expand our differentiated knowledge assets through IBM’s portfolio of solutions, global reach and scale,” said co-founder of TruQua, David Dickson.

The companies expect the agreement to close in the fourth quarter of 2020, after fulfilling the usual conditions of closure and approval by regulators.

Purchase of IBM Instana

On Wednesday, IBM announced the acquisition of Instana, an application performance management company that offers its services either locally or as a “software as a service” (SaaS) solution, depending on customer needs.”

With the acquisition of Instana, IBM will help companies address application performance management across multiple teams and an average of 2-15 clouds,” the press release said.

This acquisition is in line with IBM’s other efforts and the launch of IBM Watson AIOps earlier this year. The company’s artificial intelligence (AI) aims to automate businesses self-detect, diagnose and respond to IT anomalies in real life time. The purchase is also logical in light of the acquisition of Red Hat in 2018, which is the backbone of IBM’s hybrid cloud business.

Instana solutions and existing IBM service solutions will help companies reduce operational risk and reduce costs by using AI to automate IT operations.
Given the rapid transition of enterprises to digital business solutions, such services and solutions will be in demand and should bring profit to IBM.

Ukraine’s space industry has increased its net loss by 23 times since the beginning of the year

Enterprises and institutions of the space industry of Ukraine increased the net loss to 1.038 billion hryvnias from January to September 2020. This is 23 times more than in the first nine months of last year. In 2019, for the same period, the net loss amounted to 44.3 million hryvnias, according to the press service of the State Space Agency of Ukraine.

“For nine months of 2020, the volume of commodity production (goods, works, services) of enterprises of the space industry of Ukraine amounted to 1 billion 665.2 million UAH, which is 54.7% compared to the same period last year. Gross production products (goods, works, services) at comparable prices amounted to 2 billion 165.5 million UAH, or 74.3% of the corresponding period of 2019, “- said in a statement.

Since the beginning of the year, products worth UAH 1 billion 640.9 million have been sold, which is 53.2% of sales for the same period last year.

Products worth UAH 843.1 million were exported (34.7% of the volume for the corresponding period of 2019), imports amounted to UAH 173.8 million (125% more than in the same period last year).
Receivables of enterprises in the industry increased by 0.9%, i.e it amounts to UAH 4.012 billion.

Accounts payable for the reporting period increased by 4.7% (approximately UAH 1 billion) and as of June 30 amounted to UAH 21 billion 888.1 million.

The arrears of payments to the budget as of September 30 amount to UAH 197.4 million. Compared to January 1, 2020, the debt to the budget (arrears) has quadrupled.

Depreciation of fixed assets at the enterprises of the branch as of September 30 is 93%.

For nine months of 2020, the average number of employees of all enterprises in the industry was 13,896 people (economically active enterprises – 13,864 people). Compared to last year, it decreased by 1,646 people (or 10.6%).

The average monthly salary of full-time employees in the industry for the nine months of this year is 8,695.4 hryvnias. Salary decreased by 6.4% compared to the same period last year.

Wage arrears could not be eliminated. As of June 30, it amounted to UAH 156.262 million, having increased by 42.4% compared to the same period last year.

Elon Musk is the second in the list of richest people in the world

Founder of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX Elon Musk took second place in the list of the richest people in the world, ahead of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. This was reported by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Over the past 12 months, Mask’s fortune has grown by about $ 100 billion, according to Bloomberg estimates. According to the agency, none of the 500 richest people in the world on the list have increased their capital so quickly during this period. In January, Musk ranked 35th in the Bloomberg rankings.

The main reason for the increase in Mask’s wealth was the growth of Tesla’s capitalization. In January this year, it was less than $ 100 billion, and is now estimated at about $ 500 billion.

Tesla was founded by Mask in 2003. Initially, the company specialized in the production of electric vehicles, but later also began to create energy-saving systems.

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