The Cabinet of Ministers denied the statement about toll roads

Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrak denied his deputy Anna Yurchenko’s statement about toll roads in Ukraine.

The day before, she said that six such roads are planned to be built in Ukraine and called the estimated cost of travel on them.

“I will explain why this information is not true, and what is really happening,” Kubrak wrote on Facebook.

He explained that public-private partnership projects are a format of “paying in installments” to an investor from the state, without a fare.

“In October 2020, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukravtodor, the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation in Ukraine presented the first public-private partnership program in the road sector. These are 6 sections of roads with a total length of 1,500 km, which were selected for potential PPP pilot projects:

  • Kharkiv – Dnipro – Zaporizhia (M-29, M-04, M-18),
  • Boryspil – Poltava (M-03),
  • Kherson – Mykolaiv (M-14),
  • Kyiv – Zhytomyr – Rivne (M-06),
  • Yagodyn – Kovel – Lutsk (M-07, M-19),
  • Dnipro – Kryvyi Rih – Mykolaiv (M-04 H11).

Within the framework of this project, the fare will not be charged, “Kubrak assured.

According to him, the investor’s contributions under such construction will be reimbursed at public expense, not from the pockets of drivers.

That is, in fact, it is a kind of payment format in installments, which is better known in the world as “availability payments” or “availability fee.” What is the benefit for the investor? This format of cooperation helps the state to accelerate the process of renovation and quality maintenance of roads, and the investor – to guarantee profits in the long term, “- explains Kubrak.

He also said that two potential concession projects are currently under development: the construction of the Stryy-Mukachevo road and the construction of the Krakovets-Brody-Rivne road.

The Minister also noted that the maximum cost of tolls is set exclusively for concession projects.

In addition, Kubrak added that the roads of the Great Construction would never be tolled.

McLaren has introduced a new convertible

The car manufacturer McLaren has introduced a new sports convertible McLaren 765LT Spider.

The sports car is equipped with a 4-liter twin V-8 turbo engine with 755 horsepower and 590 Nm of torque.

The car accelerates to 96 km / h in 2.7 seconds. The maximum speed reaches 280 km / h.

It is reported that 765 copies of the McLaren 765LT Spider will be produced. The starting price starts from 388 thousand US dollars.

Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet’s profits rose to record highs

The profits of the American technology companies Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet increased significantly in the second quarter of 2021. This was reported by the BBC.

It is noted that Apple’s profits have increased to 21.7 billion US dollars over the past three months amid an increase in purchases of 5G iPhone.

Microsoft generated $ 16.5 billion in revenue (47% more than in the second quarter of last year), due to demand for services and games.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, reported revenue of $ 61.9 billion amid rising online user activity.

BMW is forced to shut down factories due to a shortage of microchips

Another plant of the German carmaker BMW has been suspended. Next week, the company’s plant in Regensburg will be temporarily closed due to a shortage of semiconductor microchips, a BMW representative told the industry publication Automobilwoche.

The plant will be shut down completely throughout the week. After that, a summer break will begin at the BMW plant in Regensburg, which will last another week.

Earlier this week, the carmaker’s plant in Leipzig was forced to work for four days. And next week this plant will also be closed due to the summer break.

Earlier, BMW reported problems with production due to lack of semiconductor chips. In addition to the plants in Leipzig and Regensburg, there is a shortage of these materials at BMW’s plants in Dingolfing, Oxford, England, as well as at Magna Steyr’s plants in Austria and VDL Nedcar in the Netherlands, which produce BMW cars on a contract basis.

The ranking of the best airlines in the world in a pandemic has been announced named Qatar Airways the airline of the year. As reported on Tuesday, July 27, the rating of Top Airlines in the World takes into account flight safety, on-board service, passenger comfort and flight routes, as well as the response of airlines to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Qatar Airways was recognized as the best airline for innovative solutions for aircraft cabins, the level of service on board and “commitment to work during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Qatar Airways has risen eight lines. Prior to that, the first place was occupied by Air New Zealand. In total 20 airlines were included in the ranking and most of them hold positions of 2020.

The top five also includes New Zealand’s largest airline Air New Zealand, Singapore’s Singapore Airlines Ltd., Australia’s largest airline Qantas Airways Ltd. and Emirates Airlines, headquartered in Dubai.

Only airlines with seven safety stars can be included in the annual rating. It is based on accident histories, pilot incidents, government inspections and now also safety criteria in the context of a coronavirus pandemic, including social distancing measures, aircraft disinfection and the presence of masks in the crew.

Ukraine has seized international VPN servers

The Windscribe privacy tool, based in Canada, failed to encrypt corporate VPN servers recently confiscated by the Ukrainian authorities.

The company provides services through the OpenVPN program. The Android app has over 5 million installs, indicating that the user base is probably much larger.

“On June 24, 2021, our monitoring systems informed us that two servers in Ukraine had shut down. In cooperation with our supplier of these servers, we were informed that these two servers were seized as part of an investigation into activities that took place 12 months before this, “the company said.

A Windscribe representative said the seizure was prompted by an incident that did not affect their activities.

“Someone allegedly pretended to be a civil servant and stole $ 10,000 from a Ukrainian social services agency. A year later, the servers were confiscated by local authorities,” he explained.

The disk of the two servers had an OpenVPN server certificate and its private key.

According to Canadians, in very limited cases, an entity with a private key, having access to the victim’s network resources, can pretend to be a Windscribe VPN server and capture the traffic of the VPN tunnel passing through it. The Ukrainian government, according to Canadians, has a hypothetical opportunity to impersonate the Windscribe OpenVPN server.

The VPN is now urgently changing the encryption.

The rate of bitcoin has approached 40 thousand dollars

During the trading session on Monday, July 26, bitcoin accelerated growth and traded at $ 39,177 thousand (+ 10.58%). This is evidenced by data from the portal Coindesk.

After that, the cryptocurrency rate slowed down and was at $ 38,939 thousand (+ 9.91%), after which it began to move further.

Last night the rate of bitcoin was close to 40 thousand dollars, reaching a mark of 39.28 thousand dollars.

Uber buys Transplace, a logistics technology company, for $ 2.25 billion

Uber has announced an agreement with TPG Capital to acquire Transplace, which provides the widest portfolio of technology services and solutions in the logistics and transportation industry.

The estimated amount of the deal is a considerable $ 2.25 billion, but about $ 750 million Uber will pay in the form of its own shares, and the rest in cash.

Investors may be a little surprised by the company’s move, given that Uber Freight’s shipping platform generates a small share of revenue compared to the main application for passenger transport (Mobility) and delivery (Delivery): $ 280 million against $ 4.6 billion. $ 2.5 billion (respectively) for the 2020 financial year

In addition, the Uber Freight division in 2020 was still unprofitable – losses amounted to $ 10 million, but this is much better than the loss of $ 115 million in 2019.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Uber had to close businesses in many low-profit regions and abandon its unmanned driving unit and air taxi segment.

Following the demand for food delivery, Uber has decided to invest billions in strengthening its Uber Eats segment by acquiring the alcohol delivery company Drizly and the food delivery service Postmates.

However, given the continued growth of e-commerce and the demand for transport and logistics services, one can understand the motives for Uber’s move. Investing in the development and expansion of Uber Freight in the medium and long term can bring significant benefits.

The Uber Freight app today has more than 70,000 carriers on its network and thousands of shippers as customers, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, including AB Inbev, Nestle, LG, Land O’Lakes and many more. Uber Freight services are currently only available in the United States and Canada.

Transplace, with its portfolio of technology solutions backed by artificial intelligence, machine learning and data processing technologies, has 62,000 customers worldwide.

Transplace solutions reduce transportation costs, improve service, automate processes, saving time and labor.

Given the growing demand for technology solutions in commerce, the acquisition of Transplace is a promising asset for Uber Freight.

Shares of Twitter rose after the announcement of 74% revenue growth

Shares of Twitter, which rose 28.5% since the beginning of 2021 and 88.3% over the past 12 months, rose sharply by 5% after the publication of quarterly results above analysts’ forecasts.

Twitter reported sharp revenue growth of 74% to $ 1.19 billion from a forecast of $ 1.06 billion. The company’s revenue growth in the previous two quarters was 28%.

The number of daily monetized active Twitter users (mDAUs) viewing ads on the site has increased by 11% up to 206 million, which is generally in line with the forecasts of market experts. In the same quarter last year, the number of new mDAUs amounted to 186 million, and in the previous quarter – 199 million.

Twitter expects third-quarter revenue in the range of $ 1.22 billion to $ 1.30 billion, up from analysts’ estimates of $ 1.17 billion.

The company predicts that overall revenue will continue to grow faster than in 2021 – provided that the negative economic impact of the global pandemic on advertisers continues to decline and the company continues to see a moderate impact of changes related to iOS 14.5 updates on Apple devices.

Twitter has said it expects staffing and overhead to increase by at least 30%, and that revenue will grow faster than spending.

Ukraine creates conditions for the development of hydrogen electric transport

The Ministry of Infrastructure has developed a draft order that will allow Ukraine to establish production of hydrogen-powered cars. This was reported on the website of the ministry.

It is noted that today in Ukraine there are no requirements for hydrogen transport. These are electric vehicles on hydrogen fuel cells. They run on compressed hydrogen.

The relevant order on approval of Amendments to the Procedure for approval of the design of vehicles, their parts and equipment also provides for the postponement until 2025 of some design requirements for vehicles.

“Hydrogen-powered cars do not harm the environment because they have zero carbon emissions. Increasing the number of such vehicles will reduce the level of negative impact on the environment,” the press service said.

The document will allow not only importing hydrogen cars, but also to establish their production in Ukraine. This could be an impetus for the further development of hydrogen technologies, the ministry stressed.

Deferral requirements have been introduced in order to support national manufacturers, importers, dealers, and consumers from rising production costs and the final cost of cars.

Prior to that, it became known that the import of electric cars in Ukraine was exempt from taxes. Two new laws amend the Customs and Tax Codes.

We will add that two models of electric cars were presented in Ukraine. The model of the Ukrainian electric car is more like a four-wheeled scooter at a price of 224 thousand hryvnias.


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