The four-day workweek is becoming increasingly popular in the world

Over the past three years, the number of vacancies in the world has tripled with a four-day working week. Their number increased to 62 per 10,000.

It is noted that the effectiveness of the reduced working week is also confirmed by the results of research conducted by the British think tank Autonomy.

“The four-day week is gaining momentum. For the vast majority of companies, reducing working hours is a very real goal,” said Will Strong, director of research at Autonomy.

In turn, employers note that happy, interested and balanced employees do a much better job.

Facebook lifted the ban on political advertising in the United States

On March 4, the social network Facebook lifted the ban on showing political advertising, which was imposed after the November US presidential election.

We introduced this temporary ban after the November 2020 elections to avoid confusion or abuse after the Election Day. Unlike other platforms, we require authorization and transparency not only for political and election advertising, but also for social advertising, and our systems do not distinguish between these categories, – said on Facebook.

The company stressed that it had received a lot of feedback on this issue, and promised to study the work of these services in the coming months and assess the need for change.

The NBU has not entered the interbank market for two weeks in a row

The National Bank did not participate in trading on the interbank foreign exchange market this week, the regulator’s press service reports.

In addition, the central bank did not go to the interbank market last week. Moreover, in the first two weeks of February, the NBU bought $ 200 million to curb the strengthening of the hryvnia.

In total, since the beginning of the year, the NBU has bought $ 240 million on the interbank market and sold $ 20 million.

The mood in Ukrainian business has significantly improved

Representatives of Ukrainian business improved their assessments of the economic condition of their enterprises and prospects in February. This follows from a monthly survey of Ukrainian enterprises, the results of which on Monday, March 1, according to the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

It is noted that this happened in response to the weakening of quarantine measures.

At the same time, the NBU noted that despite a significant improvement in sentiment, businesses are still reluctant to assess the results of their economic activities. The expectations of enterprises remain below the equilibrium level – the index of business activity expectations (IODA) in February was 48.8 (in January – 37.6).

Industrial enterprises showed better dynamics and for the first time in the last four months were optimistic about their own economic prospects. Trade and services enterprises also significantly improved their economic outlook after the January lockdown. The lowest scores remain in construction enterprises (housing construction).

It also reported that businesses of all sectors predict a rise in prices for their products / services against the backdrop of rise in price of raw materials and goods suppliers.

“Employment estimates remain low. Businesses of all types do not expect an increase in the total number of employees,” the survey said.

The monthly survey of enterprises was conducted from February 3 to February 19, 2021. 194 enterprises took part in the survey.


Facebook thinks about face recognition in its smart glasses

Facebook is considering the introduction of face recognition technology in smart glasses, which is currently working, writes CNBC, citing the words of the head of hardware Andrew Bosworth.

According to him, this feature can be added if customers need it. He added that if people do not need this technology, then use it in the device does not make sense, and said that companies should discuss this topic with the public.

Bosworth reminded that Facebook plans to release its smart glasses in 2021 together with Luxottica, the manufacturer of Ray-Ban.

Talks about using Facebook’s face recognition feature began after BuzzFeed reported that the company was discussing it at an internal meeting. According to the publication, Bosworth told employees that the company is now assessing whether it has the right to offer customers this feature.

“Face recognition is a challenge when both the benefits and the risks are obvious, and we don’t know how to balance them,” Bosworth said when asked if people would be able to mark their faces as unrecognizable when smart glasses become common technology. The employee expressed concern about the potential harm of such technology, mentioning, among other things, “stalkers” who pursue another person against his will.

The first version of Facebook’s smart glasses will not have an augmented reality feature that would allow you to combine virtual and real worlds, notes Bloomberg. The company plans to implement it in later versions: Facebook first announced plans to create an augmented reality glasses in 2017, the agency said. Since then, the company has developed several technologies that allow you to apply digital images to the real world, such as filters that change faces. In recent years, Facebook has invested in hardware development and acquired Oculus virtual reality device developer. According to a Bloomberg source, the company’s VR, AR and hardware departments have more than 6,000 employees – more than the group working on Instagram and WhatsApp.

Apple has previously announced the development of augmented reality glasses. The company planned to introduce the device in 2023, but development is still in its infancy, and the release of AR-glasses may take several more years, said Bloomberg.

The new Ukrainian airline has registered two aircraft

The new Ukrainian low-cost carrier Bees Airline registered its first two aircraft in Ukraine – a Boeing 737-800.

“This is a Boeing 737-800 with flight numbers of the Ukrainian register UR-UBA and UR-UBB. The State Aviation Service issued registration certificates for them on February 22 and 23, 2021,” the statement reads.

It is noted that both airliners were released in 2010 and are still in Poland. Previously, they were operated by UIA for nine years under the numbers UR-PSC and UR-PSD.

Bees Airline does not yet have an operator’s certificate, which allows the airline to start operating flights with passengers. To obtain this document, it is necessary to replenish the fleet with two aircraft, which the airline has already done.

The company plans to start a flight program from Kiev to the Egyptian resort of Marsa Alam in March, and in April will fly to Kenya for the tour operator TPG.

Bill Gates warned against buying Bitcoin

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has warned investors against buying the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Bloomberg reports.

“If you have less money than Ilona [Mask], you probably need to be careful. Ilon has a lot of money and he’s very advanced, so I’m not worried that his bitcoins will rise and fall chaotically,” Gates said.

Gates fears that people who do not have large savings are exposed to similar “mania”.

Gates says he does not particularly believe in Bitcoin. Moreover, creating a cryptocurrency requires a huge amount of energy, and this is harmful to the environment.

The regulator has approved new tariffs for mobile operators

The National Commission for the State Regulation of Communication and Informatization has reduced the inter-operator tariff. The NCCIR press service reports.

From July 1, 2021, market participants will pay 7 kopecks per minute of outgoing call for a local call and 10 kopecks for long distance. Moreover, from January 1, 2022, rates will reduce to 5 and 8 kopecks.

The explanatory note to the document states that the NCCIR made decision to create conditions for reducing the cost of calls to fixed networks. The reduction will give consumers the opportunity to use increased volumes of package minutes for all types of services at the same cost and reduce the cost of long distance calls.

Note that the basic rates for calls from mobile to fixed: Kyivstar (Communication without borders) – 1.5 UAH / min, Vodafone (SuperNet Turbo) – 0.6 UAH / min, lifecell (Smart Life) – 1 UAH / min.

In turn, operators offer many tariffs, which include free minutes for landlines.

It is noted that the reduction of settlement fees should have a positive effect on users. They will be able to use increased amounts of package minutes for all types of services; reducing the cost of long distance calls.


Ukraine is preparing an order for An-74 aircraft

This year, the state enterprise Antonov is preparing an order for four An-74 aircraft. Deputy Prime Minister – Minister for Strategic Industries Oleg Urusky, stated this.

“In order for our aviation industry to function properly, we must talk about dozens of orders. In addition, this year we are preparing an order for four An-74 aircraft. As for those aircraft that have already been ordered, the delivery date of the first An-178 is 2023. The company’s production schedules have already been drawn up, “Urusky said.

He also noted that Ukraine is working on possible cooperation with Boeing.

“I do not rule out that during my visit to the United States, we will address these proposals to Boeing, in particular regarding the possible localization of production of this company’s aircraft in our country, at the Antonov State Enterprise,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

According to him, due to the coronary crisis in Boeing, as in many companies, the number of orders has decreased significantly; manufacturers are looking for new markets and opportunities.

“We have ambitious goals to develop our combat aircraft. I hope that cooperation with Boeing will be useful for us in this direction,” Urusky added.

The Czechs agree to produce small modular reactors in Ukraine

Ukraine can start production of small modular reactors (MMR). Negotiations are underway between the Ministry of Energy and the Czech concern Witkowitz, according to the press service of the agency on Facebook.

So far, the parties have agreed to exchange information and set up a working group to further work on the issue.

Deputy Minister of Energy Yuriy Boyko stated that in order to make decisions, it is necessary to understand the economics of construction of MMR.

Reactors with a capacity of up to 300 MW considered small. They consist of modules that are manufactured at the factory before installation on site.

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