The German publisher is buying the Politico website for a billion dollars

The German publishing holding Axel Springer will purchase the Politico policy site. This was reported by the press service of Axel Springer.

The holding has signed an agreement with the founder and publisher of Politico, Robert Allbritton, to acquire the American company Politico and the news website Protocol, which specializes in the technology sector.

The holding will also buy another 50% of Politico Europe, which currently operates as a joint venture.

In turn, Reuters writes that Axel Springer will acquire Politico under a deal for more than $ 1 billion.

Note that journalists who previously worked at the Washington Post founded Politico in 2007. The company now employs about 700 people across North America, more than half of whom are editors. Politico Europe, which was founded 7 years ago, now employs almost 200 people.

At the same time, Springer owns a number of news agencies, including Bild, Welt and Insider, and is active in more than 40 countries.

Ukrzaliznytsia ordered consultations from Deutsche Bahn for one million euros

The Kyiv Electric Car Repair Plant, owned by Ukrzaliznytsia, has entered into an agreement with DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH, a subsidiary of the German state company Deutsche Bahn, for business and management consulting services worth 1.08 million euros. Nashi Groshi reported this with reference to the data in the Prozorro system.

It is noted that DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH will provide analytical services to Ukrzaliznytsia by autumn 2022.

The advance is 20%, the remaining 80% will be paid after the services are provided.

The order includes the following three projects:

  • introduction of socially important transportation (PSO) of passengers, the first contract period is designed for 3-5 years;
  • development of business plans for passenger companies engaged in long-distance and suburban transportation for 2022-2026;
  • support for the renewal of the rolling stock for passenger transport.

It is noted that the services apply to the entire Ukrzaliznytsia, but Kyiv Electric Car Repair Plant orders them.

Apple’s CEO received $ 750 million worth of shares from the company

Apple CEO Tim Cook received more than five million shares in honor of the 10th anniversary of his work at the company. The BBC reports this with reference to the company’s report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

It is noted that Cook sold most of these shares for more than $ 750 million. He also donated Apple shares worth nearly $ 10 million to charity.

According to Apple, the company’s shares have risen by 191.83% over the past three years. That is why Tim Cook was eligible for the award.

Apple’s share price has also risen 1,200% since he became CEO on August 24, 2011.

Apple now has a market value of about $ 2.5 trillion dollars.

Last year, Cook agreed to a new wage package that will run until the end of 2026.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index, Tim Cook’s fortune is about $ 1.5 billion.

The hackers obtained information about Oriflame customers

The Russian office of the Swedish cosmetics company Oriflame suffered a series of cyberattacks, after which passport scans of 1.3 million Russian customers entered the network.

The publication reports that as a result, passport data were put up for sale on the hacking forum RaidForums.

“Passport scans of not only Russians, but also clients of the company from Asia and the CIS got into the network,” the publication clarifies.

Oriflame confirmed the fact of the cyber attack, which led to unauthorized access to the company’s information systems. At the same time, they assured that the numbers of bank accounts, telephone numbers, passwords and commercial transactions of users were not affected by the attack.

Alexander Dvoryansky, director of strategic communications at Infosecurity a Softline Company, told reporters that the attack was carried out from another country. According to him, the leak could have occurred from a backup copy of the file store.

“The company probably refused to buy the data from the attackers, so now they are made public,” said Ashot Hovhannisyan, founder of the DLBI data leak intelligence service.

Experts warn that attackers can use the passport data of the company’s customers who got into the network to apply for microloans, SIM cards, registration in online services or phone fraud.

It is noted that the leak of Oriflame is not the first among companies developing network marketing. In 2020, data from 19 million Avon customers and employees, including names, telephone numbers, dates of birth, e-mails and addresses, became publicly available.

Airbnb will accommodate some refugees from Afghanistan free

Airbnb, a housing search company, intends to provide free housing worldwide for 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan. Airbnb states this in a statement.

It is reported that the company and the Refugee Assistance Fund will pay for housing.

Airbnb noted that this is not the first time they have helped people who find themselves in a difficult life situation. Now “it’s time to help the Afghans.”

“Last week, it became clear that the relocation and resettlement of Afghan refugees here in the United States and elsewhere is a serious humanitarian crisis, and we are ready to step up our action,” the statement said.

The company said it was looking for free housing for the 20,000 refugees who had left Afghanistan.

“ will provide temporary housing to 20,000 Afghan refugees around the world, funded by contributions to from Airbnb and Brian Cesky, as well as from sponsors of the Refugee Relief Fund,” the company said.

The company also called on the global business community to join forces to support Afghan refugees.

“As tens of thousands of Afghan refugees relocate around the world, their stay will be the first chapter in their new lives. I hope that for these 20,000 refugees, the Airbnb community will not only provide them with a safe place to rest and live, but also a warm welcome in the new home, “said Brian Cesky, CEO and co-founder of Airbnb.

Belavia continued to cancel flights to Ukraine

Belarusian airline Belavia has extended its decision to refuse flights to Ukraine until the end of September, the company’s press service reports.

“The Ukrainian side informed about the extension of the ban on Belavia flights until September 30, 2021. This is their official position. In this regard, the suspension of all flights to Ukraine has been continued. We can’t say yet how the situation will develop in the future,” – stated in the message.

At the end of May, Belavia suspended flights to Ukraine until August 25. This happened after the Ukrainian authorities imposed a ban on flights to Belarus due to the incident with the Ryanair plane.

The price of bitcoin exceeded $ 50 thousand for the first time since May

The value of bitcoin reached $ 50,000 on August 23. The last time cryptocurrency was traded at this level was on May 15.

According to Coinmarketcap, which compares the data of the largest exchanges, bitcoin exceeded 50.1 thousand, rising by 2.6 percent per day. Other cryptocurrencies are also growing: Ethereum, Binance Coin, XRP and others.

The value of bitcoin in April for the first time in history exceeded 65 thousand dollars and began to decline. In July, its price fell below 30 thousand and began to rise again. In late July, statements by Elon Mask and Amazon news supported the bitcoin exchange rate.

The growth of the entire market in August was due to the upgrade of the Ethereum network, on which a large number of cryptocurrencies are built.

Bloomberg has learned the date of completion of construction of NS -2

Completion of the construction of the Russian Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline is scheduled for September 12. Bloomberg reported this on August 23, citing the maritime authorities of Germany.

Laying of pipes in the waters of Germany is carried out by the Russian ship-pipelayer Fortuna. According to a message for seafarers sent by the German Department of Water Communications and Shipping, Fortuna will work in German waters on a section of about 13-14 kilometers.

The Marine Traffic portal reports that Fortuna, which previously operated in Danish waters, is now in German territorial waters. Next to it are several other vessels under the Russian flag – a multifunctional rescue vessel Murman, a multi-purpose vessel providing ice class Wenger, icebreaker Yuri Topchev and the supply vessel Katun.

During the project, the United States imposed two packages of sanctions on companies and vessels involved in construction. At the same time, Washington did not impose restrictions on Nord Stream 2 AG.

US President Joe Biden has previously said that the construction of the pipeline is almost complete and the implementation of new measures would be “unproductive” for US relations with Europe.

However, on August 20, the US Treasury Department imposed another sanction related to the project. The sanctions lists were updated after Biden signed a decree making measures against Nord Stream 2 part of a “state of emergency.”

Ukraine received $ 2.7 billion from the IMF

As part of a new distribution by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of special drawing rights (SDR), Ukraine on Monday, August 23, received its share of SDR 1.9 billion, or $ 2.7 billion, said First Deputy Governor Kateryna Rozhkova Facebook page.

“Today 1.9 billion SDRs came to Ukraine’s account at the IMF! <...> A wonderful gift for Independence Day! Glory to Ukraine!” – stated in the message.

As previously reported in the Office of the President, Ukraine will use this money to overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


T-Mobile has a major data leak in the United States

As a result of a recent cyber-attack on the servers of the American mobile operator T-Mobile US, hackers stole the personal data of millions of users, said a subsidiary of the German telecommunications giant Deutsche Telekom on Wednesday, August 18. The stolen information included names and surnames, social security numbers, birth information, driver’s license data, of both current and former customers. However, the attackers did not get access to such financial information as credit card numbers and passwords, the company said, according to dpa.

According to T-Mobile US, the hacker attack affected about 7.8 million contract customers and about 40 million former and potential customers who had previously applied for the services of the operator. The data of about 850 thousand users of subscription tariffs are also disclosed. Meanwhile, the vulnerability that led to the data leak has already been fixed. T-Mobile US asks customers to change passwords and PINs.

T-Mobile US is investigating the incident. It started after a leak of the mobile operator’s personal data was announced on one of the Internet forums. The online platform Vice was the first to report about the hacking of the operator’s servers and data leakage. According to it, the data of almost all American customers of T-Mobile, which is more than 100 million people, was stolen.

In the last few months, hacker attacks have become more frequent around the world. For example, on August 10, hackers managed to hack the cryptocurrency platform Poly Network and steal hundreds of millions of dollars. However, they later returned the stolen item. The US government has urged companies to invest more in cybersecurity measures.

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