Yuriy  Mikulyak

Continuing to acquaint the readers with the Ukrainian businessmen, LDaily offers an interesting conversation on the importance...

Continuing to acquaint the readers with the Ukrainian businessmen, LDaily offers an interesting conversation on the importance of the united team in business and a role of reputation which often solves a lot of things. Sometimes more important to work in minus but to keep their word and "to maintain the appearances" to not lose it

Yuriy  <span>Mikulyak</span>

Such complex and contradictory but very favourite business. Thoughts aloud


Continuing to acquaint the readers with the Ukrainian businessmen, LDaily offers an interesting conversation on the importance of the united team in business and a role of reputation which often solves a lot of things. Sometimes more important to work in minus but to keep their word and “to maintain the appearances” to not lose it.

Our interlocutors share about their admirations and indignations of  the internal   the device business mechanism of Ukraine. Yuriy Mikulyak, the commercial director of the Agro Prom Trade Company,  is one of them.

LDaily: Could you tell shortly about the company: what began with, how does it spread, what was  the most difficult, what  was  the easiest?

Y. Mikulyak: Our company has been working for seven years in the Ukrainian market. We buy and export grain crops: wheat, barley, corn. Two years ago we expanded activities and were engaged in oil-bearing crops. We, by the way, work not only in the territory of Ukraine but also abroad.There are both Poles, Swisses partners among our business . The company is really young. The  titans have already known about this market  from the best party. For example, Bunge invited our managers  in their company. However, they have refused.

LDaily: Why did they refuse? What is about values in the company: is it the most important for your team?

Y. Mikulyak: One of our main principles is not to bribe. The following rule is trust to each other. The most important is the decency in every sense. It has  turned  into authority and respect with a current of years. It will become additional chance to earn in the future. However, it is extremely difficult and important in the same way.

I imply observance of all clauses by decency during the carried-out transactions. The accomplishment of the contract fixed terms  under any circumstances is the business card of the businessman. For example, if my managers promise to purchase from the farmer a certain amount of grain for 10 300 UAH,  even if the price in the market falls, all of us equally will pay that amount about which all of us agreed. Of course, understanding that we work to ourselves in minus. The sake of one is contract terms observance. So, the company,  together with them, earns  reputation to itself.

LDaily:  Agro Prom Trade is the  operator of one of the most actively emerging markets of the country.You watch trends and ear to the ground of events. How you estimate blossoming of raider captured in Ukraine and what are you  afraid?

Y. Mikulyak: No, I am not afraid. I trust  to the colleagues because we began to build this company together.We trust each other. Each of us makes good money and I am confident that none of them will be silent in case of any encroachments.As well as I,  my colleagues especially were the military personnel.We are able to advocate the interests.

LDaily: How  are relations with your business partner? What, in your opinion, shall be this businessman?

Y. Mikulyak: I made the final decisions in the company. I have a full confidence with my business partner. In general, all collective, with which we work, is already almost a family. We spend a lot of time together not only at work but also on vacation. I want to tell that when I employed people in the company, I spoke to each of them. It is not my business. It’s ours and we work together for the benefit of the company.

I want to add still that it is very important to take to heart  in a good sense. For example, when I sleep,  corn began to appear in my dreams . You believe that  it doesn’t frighten me at all. When the person, not just works, namely takes work to heart in which he is engaged, business can’t develop. It is simply excluded. In other words, our business is difficult and contradictory, but darling.

LDaily: What the beginner who is looking narrowly at economy agricultural sector needs to know?

Y. Mikulyak: The first to buy and export grain is not the most important and difficult as many mistakenly believe. It is necessary to know all logistics chain in the smallest details: how to grow up, to collect, to ship, until the moment of sale for export. It is also necessary to count well the prime cost expenses to agree with the farmer about the profitable price. All way, from a start point before the latest action, is important.

LDaily: How did you come to the decision on  activities range expansion?

Y. Mikulyak: It was the proposal of our partners from Switzerland with whom we had cooperated for a year during which we established the trusting relationships which developed into the offer on the joint export of Pancake week cultures.

LDaily: Tell about force majeure for Agro Prom Trade activities operating time. How do you protect in such cases?    

Y. Mikulyak: There were such situations. For example, because of global instability in our country, there was a period when the company worked in minus: we had one cost of goods in the agreement but until we brought it to port, the price has become unexpectedly higher. The contract needs to be carried out anyway. Foreigners aren’t silly and noticed that grain has risen in price.We work  at a loss. therefore  They have fixed the price next time if it rises in the market, then according to the agreement, it will also grow.If it falls  for us the price remains same and doesn’t decrease.

As for protection methods,  I have never hurried up. The first what I begin with is market monitoring, extremely careful analysis and comparison of the facts and events. Only then I start calculations. It allows me to reduce possible risks to a minimum.

LDaily: What, in your opinion, isn’t enough for the Ukrainian business? How do you estimate our investment climate?

Y. Mikulyak: The first problem is, of course, the inefficiency of laws. If business felt protection in our country. It would have been not just easier. Such question hasn’t even arisen. We just would do the work. Actually, it is necessary to adapt to a legislation incompleteness all the time.

As for investment climate, I can’t call it favourable because of idle laws. It also is the main reason why investors  don’t hurry to us. However, the Ukrainian companies work with pleasure with foreigners . We, by the way, are not an exception. We are going to plan developing  cooperation with the foreign companies within 3-5 years. However, we haven’t thought of global prospect yet.

LDaily: What does inspire you?

Y. Mikulyak: I inspire in fishing. I like to go to Pushcha-Vodytsia and there to have a rest. Together with our team, we visit the Carpathians.I finance this trips. It does not just bring our collective together.It lifts command spirit.It is very important. As we are together,we more effectively resist to all problems.

LDailyBest wishes for success!

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