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LDaily’s second CEO breakfast took place at the Hyatt Regency Kyiv hotel. S&P Agency Investment Risk Management and Hyatt Regency Kyiv have traditionally been the partners of the event.


Leaders of international companies, heads of business associations, representatives of embassies and investment funds gathered to discuss the challenges for our country, the investment climate during the crisis, and what should be done to make Ukraine more attractive to investors from around the world.


Oksana Korolovych, S&P Agency’s Partner in Business Facilitation, Ph.D., advisor, mindfulness expert, system facilitator and psychologist, assessed the global crisis, tensions and fears in business, and commented on how negatively this trend affects people, business and overall investment dynamics. Oksana Korolovych provided CEOs with recommendations on what tools and methods can help them relieve stress and increase business productivity. Switching to remote work, the restriction of social communication, and other processes negatively affect employees and management, as well as their productivity. However, “these are the inevitable trends of today.” The expert advised CEOs to take their mental health more seriously during such periods and introduce special support programs for employees to reduce stress within the team. Managers need to reconsider their systems thinking. The 2020-2021 trend suggests that people are the main priority. Those who had understood this were able to successfully overcome the crisis in 2020. Therefore, you shouldn’t overload employees with business training. On the contrary, try to introduce relaxation programs that will improve the emotional state and well-being of every person. Create the necessary social comfort within the team.


Participants from different economic sectors shared their experiences of overcoming the crisis. For some companies, 2020 was hard and negatively impacted the business results. For others, the year was extremely successful. The CEO breakfast guests expect the market situation to improve in 2021. They are confident that this year will be successful for their companies.


Our guests: Mykola Siutkin (S&P Agency), Nataliya Osadcha (S&P Agency), Oksana Korolovych (S&P Agency), Sergiy Tsivkach (UkraineInvest), Denis Golubchykov (Johnson & Johnson), Burak Pehlivan (TUID), Olena Gut (Embassy of Switzerland) in Ukraine), Bohdan Senchuk (SBA), Nina Dombrowska (Henkel Ukraine), Andriy Sheliug (NIKO Management), Yuri Miroshnikov (UIA), Artem Sachuk (Reforms Delivery Office of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine), Vitalii Bulda (Robert Bosch Ltd), Vadim Sidoruk (DHL Ukraine), Brian Best (Dragon Capital).

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