The NON-OBJECTIVE OBJECTS exhibition opening by Yaroslav Derkach

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LDaily became a media partner at the NON-OBJECTIVE OBJECTS exhibition opening by Yaroslav Derkach, held in the TSEKH Art Gallery.

10 absolutely black artifacts of Yaroslav Derkach’s work are intended to dispel the dream of mind with its frightening wonder − the familiar subject-object state of human consciousness that creates an “objective” picture of the universe. Using absolutely black color when creating these objects, the artist has completely removed the objects from the usual map of the universe, which is also called an objective reality. By pigeonholing the outside world for a convenient processing, our thinking inevitably distorts its picture. The primary task of contemporary art is to shake human perception properly in order to disturb the prejudices commonly regarded as a valid, consistent picture of the world. Non-objective objects with their shape show us that human perception is limited, crucified on the cross of three-dimensional space and doomed to crawl forward to entropy on a time scale. Where is the second part of a semi-invisible cube? Perhaps it rests in an incomprehensible fourth dimension as the faces of a four-dimensional cube − tesseract or it’s just ahead of our time, which is the insurmountable facet of the space-time continuum for humans? The most trivial in its own rectangular shape block of cigarettes unfolded on a space-time map acquires a vortex configuration, becoming no longer an object but a wave flying through the universal continuum just like our lives that relentlessly burn like a cigarette. The exhibition will last until August 30, 2019. The doors of the TSEKH Gallery located in 69 Kyrylivska street are open to visitors.

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