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  • What help Ukrainian entrepreneurs need to export more

    What help Ukrainian entrepreneurs need to export more

    Exports of goods accounts for a third of Ukraine’s GDP.But we sell primarily raw materials abroad. It is a marker of underdeveloped countries and a path that does not contribute to economic development. Our state’s strategic task is to increase the exports of high-tech goods with high added value: that is, not just to grow […]

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    What are the prospects for the development of foreign and domestic business in Ukraine in the next three years? Petro Rondiak, the Chairman of the Board of Winner Group Ukraine At Winner, we have always been optimistic about the prospects of Ukraine. Our investments reflect the long-term intentions for staying in the country. In the […]

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    Land Market: Risks and Prospects

    On December 12, 2019, Kyiv City State Administration held an International Roundtable on Land Legal Relations organized by the Union of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine SFNU and the Ukrainian Chapter of FIABCI International Real Estate Federation. Representatives of the Ukrainian real estate market and agrarian sector participated in the event. A teleconference was held […]

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    Investment in Ukraine: inevitable or impossible?

    INTENDED POTENTIAL Each country possesses certain positive qualities that enable it to compete for investment when attracting foreign capital. These can be natural resources, geopolitical features, the legal system, level of production, technological and cultural development, etc. Since Ukraine has declared its independence, a certain rating of its investment attractiveness potential has also emerged. Land […]

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    China: the country of prospects and challenges

    The territory of the People’s Republic of China occupies the third place by area (after Russia and Canada, then the USA follows the PRC). However, it is in the first place in terms of population of more than 1.404 billion, leaving behind India (more than 1.377 billion) and the USA (more than 331 million). There […]

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    China Is the biggest Investor

    The history of China’s statehood formation and development achieves several millennia, its nation has made a significant contribution into both material and spiritual culture of humanity throughout the world. Having in possession huge territories, essential labor and material resources and potentially large internal commerce, The Heavenly Empire has nearly all suppositions for creating integral, well-rounded […]

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    Ukraine — Sweden: the centuries-old traditions of cooperation are continuing

    During the times of Kyivan Rus people which came from Scandinavia, the Vikings, were often called Varangians. In the 19th century, according to the chronicle, they had not only strong trade but also political relations with Russia (it is worth mentioning that the wife of Yaroslav the Wise, princess Ingigerda, was the daughter of Swedish […]

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    Land: too Long Real Estate

    In Ukraine, land belongs to citizens only within the limits allowed not by the law but the authorities, and the problem of ownership is inherited from the totalitarian times. By the way, the moratorium on selling land operates in Venezuela, Congo, Tajikistan, North Korea, and Cuba, in addition to our country… Law and Practice Neither the Verkhovna Rada nor the Constitutional […]

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    Sweden is a country with a dynamic economy

    Everyone has heard about Sweden from childhood, as it was Stockholm where the well-known fairytale heroes The Kid and Carlson lived. Let’s add here favorite of all IKEA, the band ABBA, cars of Volvo and Scania, companies like Spotify, Ericsson, H&M, Electrolux and μTorrent – the vision of the nation is made up of pieces.  […]

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    Unlike Sweden which recycles more than 99% of its waste, Ukraine is suffering from rubbish

    Only recently, people around the world began to realize that used things accumulated in landfills are not stored there for free. Those who drink dirty water, breathe dirty air suffer from that. People have to see an unpleasant sight and beware of pollution of the surrounding areas… However, this problem can be turned into money, […]