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Nana Pipiia. The editor’s notice

Nana Pipiia. The editor’s notice


02.04.2020 (№ LDaily #9)

Nana Pipiia. The editor’s notice

In 2019, the World Economic Forum in Davos recognized the German economy the most innovative in the world. Additionally, the German economy is the most developed among the EU countries. Over the past 50 years, its GDP has grown from $ 215 billion to fantastic $ 3.4 trillion.

Today, new investors from Germany are interested in Ukraine due to low production costs and well-trained staff. Some German companies consider Ukraine a region for production development. Other German companies are planning to place their service centers in Ukraine.

Leaders of German companies in Ukraine confess they have learned a lot in Ukraine during recent years. At the same time, they have own experience which could be shared with their Ukrainian counterparts. For example, we make decisions much faster, even if there is no complete information, we are better prepared for risks, we can quickly concentrate, create short decisionmaking chains, and we are simply more active in general.

Why is Ukrainian business in Germany so poorly represented today? After all, Germany is a perfect “entry point” to the European Union thanks to its central location in Europe and a high purchasing power. Those who succeed in the German market will open the whole EU market.

So, do not miss an invitation from the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Ukraine) and its Ukrainian Export Helpdesk. Nowadays, in conditions of Ukraine’s active integration with the European community, it is extremely important for German and Ukrainian entrepreneurs to learn more about each other and be able to meet personally. Ukraine is an underestimated asset. The market with more than 40 million people can’t be unattractive.

Nana Pipiia
Editor-in-Chief of LDaily

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