Kris  Beckers

Kris Beckers, Representative of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO Ukraine Invest & Trade Office in Belgium

Kris Beckers, Representative of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry CEO Ukraine Invest & Trade Office in Belgium


Ukraine is open for business with Europe

17.06.2019 (№ LDaily #9)

Kris Beckers, Representative of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CEO Ukraine Invest & Trade Office in Belgium.

Ukraine has been increasingly integrating with the European Union in economic terms since 2014. Today, the total bilateral trade estimated at $ 40 billion and increasing by about 27 percent per year, this means that Ukraine was able to reorient to Western countries.

It is a ground floor investment opportunity at the frontier of the European Union, offering a highly skilled and productive workforce, low-cost manufacturing platform and attractive entry valuations.

Ukraine is the geographical center of Europe, what makes the country an ideal trade hub to the EU, Middle East and Asia. Ukraine has a huge potential for Europe and the world!

After being involved in doing business for a long time and with the accompanying experience, I can confirm that entering a new market or expanding abroad is never easy.

In 2017, I became the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Belgium, where my job was to promote the Ukrainian economy.

In 2018, I also became an official Representative of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Belgium.

After this, I started to realise the importance for a platform which helps unite businesses from both countries, and that is how the Ukraine Invest & Trade Office in Belgium was established.

Our mission is to support the relationship between Ukrainian and Belgian business members in both countries, to bring Ukraine and Europe closer together and to harmonize Ukrainian laws and standards with European ones.

With our support to existing and new investors, we are increasing the ease of doing business by improving communication between authorities, business and international organisations.

By partnering with the business community, our organization will provide opportunities for prosperity and guide our members through the support options which the European Union can provide.

Due to our strong connections, big network environment combined with our international knowledge and experience, the Ukraine Invest & Trade Office in Belgium is armed to provide our (future) members with usefull services, advice and direct support to help overcome any possible obstacles they might face.

By working in transparent and direct contact with the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Embassy of Ukraine in Brussels, we are convinced that we are able to offer our members strong professional support.

On a regularly base, we are present in Ukraine to attend important meetings and Ukrainian business forums which we believe will contribute greatly to the success of the Ukraine Invest & Trade Office in Belgium.

The diplomatic center of Europe

Next to Washington, Brussels has become the second biggest diplomatic hub in the world. This powerful city is the host for European institutions which has a significant impact on the economy and business environment in general.

Headquarter of Eurochambres
The Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry represents over 20 million businesses in Europe through 46 members and a European network of 1700 regional and local chambers.

EU for business Secretariat
This association has a commitment to a stronger economy through economic development and support for market opportunities is one of the key priorities in the Eastern Partnership (EaP)

So, in our opinion, it is essential for Ukraine to have a well-managed business office in Belgium, so, members from both countries will be able to take advantage of this network environment and much more.

Opening such an office is both challenging and interesting.

This partnership of businesses and professionals working together is going to help build a healthy economy and improve the business climate between both countries. Entering this new business, we will evolve along with our members as we improve ourselves and gain more experience which will only help makes us grow.

With connecting entrepreneurs from Ukraine and Belgium, we are providing this platform and support networking, along with annual events.

Because we are always pursuing improvement to help our members succeed and grow, we can definitely say that our members will be able to enjoy a lot of benefits.

The Ukrainian powerhouse opportunities in agriculture, energy, information technology, infrastructure and manufacturing have already grown too large for investors to ignore.

Investors are no longer asking the question of “Why Ukraine?” Greater numbers of investors and business owners are starting to understand the power of the reasons behind the statement: “Why Ukraine?”

As a conclusion, Ukraine has a huge potential for Europe and the world!

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