Oleksandr  Kotolup

Oleksandr Kotolup, Founder and mastermind of Figaro-Catering.

Oleksandr Kotolup, Founder and mastermind of Figaro-Catering.


I dream of hosting an event on Mars

16.12.2019 (№ LDaily #11)

Oleksandr Kotolup, Founder and mastermind of Figaro-Catering.

Oleksandr Kotolup began to earn on catering services even when people did not understand the meaning of this word. His company Figaro-Catering has been hosting guests at various events for over 17 years. Oleksandr told us what catering is in terms of processes.

About delegation

I graduated from a mini-MBA in 2011. Teachers made it clear that the functionality of an owner and a director is different. Sometimes, these systems can even conflict.

While a clerk needs to be responsible for the tactical performance and monitor the daily work, the owner’s task is to take care of the development, strategies and a long-term perspective.

At some point, it seems that only you know how to do your best. However, it will be impossible to grow and scale a business without delegation. Today, we are close to reaching the level of 20 events per day. This is reflected in the name of the company: Figaro’s here, Figaro’s there.

About efforts and inspiration for work

You need only one thing to boost your strength level – a goal. The brighter your goal and the clearer your desire to achieve it are, the more power you have to realize it. Otherwise, fatigue and reluctance to do something sneak into your life. Inspiration depends on the clarity of your goal.

However, the goal should be found. This is a difficult philosophical matter. I was not sure that I have found my goal and the way to it for a long time. Everyone was saying: “Well, you know what you want, and you understand where you are going; you are creating the best catering company in Ukraine.” Still, I didn’t understand if that was true. Was I born to create an atmosphere of hospitality at an event? Later, I realized that the way itself chooses you.

About catering

Catering for remarkable events is a demonstration of exceptional hospitality on your own territory with gastronomy adapted to the event. This is when dishes of an impeccable taste and serving are accompanied by the conceptual decor, original textiles, and animated chefs show. The atmosphere allows guests to emotionally join the process by watching chefs creating their dishes in real-time: effectively cutting big game, drawing an abstract picture with chocolate or preparing ice cream in liquid nitrogen.

Creativity has no bounds — this is the main feature that distinguishes Figaro-Catering.

About our strong points

It is very important for me to keep moving forward, especially when you’ve already succeeded and could have a rest. The things we introduce in the market are offered by other industry players in a few months. That is why we are constantly improving our business processes and take many steps ahead.
I came up with an allegory. A restaurant is a taxi from a house to the city center. Catering is a Musk’s rocket from Earth to Mars. Both are means of transport, but they are just of different purposes. Yes, I dream of hosting an event on Mars!

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