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General Director of the Clinic Lémanic Darrell Jacobs on the Importance of New Technologies in the Development of the Company...

General Director of the Clinic Lémanic Darrell Jacobs on the Importance of New Technologies in the Development of the Company and on Innovations in Aesthetic Medicine.


We can offer our patients personalized programs adapted to the specific needs and expectations of each person

16.04.2020 (№ LDaily #4)

General Director of the Clinic Lémanic Darrell Jacobs on the Importance of New Technologies in the Development of the Company and on Innovations in Aesthetic Medicine.

About such institutions are usually said – perfection has no limits. And this is completely true. Fully satisfying customer requirements, Lemanic is always looking for cutting-edge medical solutions, resulting in experts from this medical facility offering their customers only the latest advanced technologies. To draw conclusions about the quality of services
provided in this clinic, it is possible even from the fact that it was awarded to the prestigious crystal trophy of the best clinic of Europe in the field of aesthetic medicine in 2010. For foreign patients, English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Russian translation services are offered.

Interview of Darrell Jacobs to LDaily is so exciting that you want to feel the elegant beauty of this space right away. There is also an insurmountable desire to discover the new Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux, enjoy local gastronomic wines and boutiques, and enjoy the local cultural heritage of this magnificent area.

LDaily: Who created the company? How did it begin? What was the idea of creating this business?

D. Jacobs: Clinic Lémanic was founded in 1998 by Dr. Véronique Emmenegger and Darrell Jacobs. Since then, the medical practice has been joined by a beauty centre and the clinic has experienced considerable growth. Thanks to its expertise and professionalism, its reputation extends far beyond the Swiss borders. Dr Véronique Emmenegger and her colleagues are committed to providing highly specialised services to ever-increasing numbers of exacting international patients who value their discreet service.

LDaily: What were the main products of the company at the very beginning of its activity?

D. Jacobs: Since its inception in 1998, Clinic Lémanic has become a point of reference in aesthetic and antiaging medicine, as well as preventive and regenerative medicine. Given its national and international reputation, Clinic Lémanic is constantly on the lookout for pioneering medical solutions to provide a wide range of exclusive and innovative programmes.

LDaily: Please, tell us about the values of the Clinic Lémanic?

D. Jacobs: We innovate to bring you the best. All our treatments are responsibly and ethically performed in compliance with safety regulations and adhering to the latest scientific standards in order to provide our patients with the best quality care. By combining sound experience and expertise with scientific progress and market-leading equipment, we can offer our patients highly personalised programmes adapted to the specific needs and expectations of each individual.

LDaily: Fighting with other competitors you are number one. What do you apply to be a leader?

D. Jacobs: In addition to providing high-quality programmes and procedures thanks to our specialists’ expertise and our cutting-edge technology, we take pride in making your stay as comfortable as possible.

We offer tailor-made support to ensure your treatment takes place discreetly and under the best conditions. We truly consider professionalism, efficiency, expertise and innovation to be our philosophy, ensuring our patients are always fully satisfied. This search for perfection is made possible through precise and invaluable expertise, enhancing well-being, health and beauty in a large and elegant private space in the very heart of Lausanne.

LDaily: What procedures in your clinic are the most popular?

D. Jacobs: The most popular treatments are Haute Couture, Perfect lift 21, BHI™, MICA™, Regeneration 21, Smile by Clinic Lémanic and Autologous stem cell reinfusion. Haute Сouture and Perfect lift 21 are the perfect replacements for the original and outdated method of the facelift. Both are surgery free and can be performed individually or combined together depending on the desired result.

BHI™, MICA™ and Regeneration 21 are all different methods to battle against alopecia. Whether you choose BHI™, the biocompatible hair implants, MICA™, a new method of natural hair grafts, or Regeneration 21, a stimulation method to help the regrowth of hair, we cover all needs for those who want their hair back.

Our Smile Concept uses the thinnest dental veneers to date and gives you your smile back in just one session. As for the Autologous stem cell reinfusion, it is included in a program which we created to revitalize the skin and delay the ageing effects in a fully natural way.

We also offer all the basic aesthetic, non-invasive treatments dedicated to skin beauty, body resculpting and anti-ageing such as injections, deep and light chemical peels etc. and have a team dedicated to plastic and reconstructive surgery who will provide you with the best guidance in order to achieve your objectives.