Peter  Kerekgyarto

Peter Kerekgyarto, CEO of Shell Retail in Ukraine.

Peter Kerekgyarto, CEO of Shell Retail in Ukraine.

Peter  <span>Kerekgyarto</span>

5,000 protective masks for doctors at the very beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak and 2550 food kits for the elderly – this is how Shell helped in the fight against coronavirus in Ukraine

23.09.2020 (№ LDaily #15)

Peter Kerekgyarto, CEO of Shell Retail in Ukraine.

In recent months, many global companies directed their resources at helping to fight coronavirus. Now, more than ever, consumers need our support. That is why we do our best to make them feel safe.

One of the most important missions of Shell is the safe fuel supply and at the same time helping those who need it the most.

The company estimates that Shell’s general contribution to overcoming the pandemic and its effects, including donations of money, fuel, food, equipment, and services, currently exceeds $30 million globally.

Shell takes care of the needs of others in this difficult time for our country. The company has always been socially responsible — it is evidenced by many years of cooperation with both Ukrainian and international organizations, and support in social investments.

This is how we organized remote work during the quarantine

First of all, we had to assure that all Shell employees felt protected both in the frontline and in the office.

On 3 March 2020, when the first case of COVID-19 infection was detected in Ukraine, our team sent a letter to all employees with detailed instructions and warnings on how to protect themselves, their families, and our customers. In such circumstances, this business as part of the critical infrastructure must continue to operate safely, remain human and caring because we all want to be safe and feel well-protected.

Shell has done everything possible for its office employees to feel comfortable while working from home. We regularly conduct surveys for our home-working employees to understand how we can help improve the home workplace ergonomics.

Safety of our gas stations during the quarantine

Obviously, our staff at fuel stations does not have the opportunity to work remotely. Therefore, we took very early steps building a strong defense line with a robust operational procedure. For their safety, we provided all required personal protective equipment in time and also organized transportation logistics for them site-by-site for the period of suspension of public transport. We took good care of our customers by instantly implementing our new operational standards during the COVID pandemic. We supplied a sufficient amount of disinfectants for our staff and clients at fuel sites, and even shared a hand-washing educational video for our customers.

Since the fuel sites are part of the critical infrastructure, it’s necessary to maintain its operational activities throughout the quarantine. We did everything possible to ensure that visits to fuel sites are safe and convenient for our customers.

We regularly use disinfectants, check our employees’ health several times a day. As for service, cashiers give sugar, cups, and other things only in disposable gloves. Inside the premises, we made markings on the floor to make it easier for customers to keep the required distance of 1.5 meters.

Also, Shell was the first in Ukraine to complete the equipment of the entire fuel sites network with protective Plexi screens, which is based on our international experience in the EU and worldwide to stop the spread of the COVID-19.

This is how we provided assistance for risk groups

The company also took care of providing masks to medical institutions in Kyiv city. At the very early stage of the pandemic, Shell donated 5,000 protective masks to two hospitals in Kyiv in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

At the beginning of May this year the company purchased more than 2550 food kits, which were delivered to elderly people in cooperation with the “Zhyttelyub” Charitable Foundation.

Contribution of Shell in different parts of the world

Shell in Poland

Together with Hyundai Motor, Shell in Poland supported the MSWiA hospital in Warsaw, which was reformatted into an infectious disease hospital. Hyundai provided cars for its staff, and Shell supplied the fuel. Shell in Poland has also handed over several thousand specialized masks to emergency services across the country.

Shell in Bulgaria

Shell in Bulgaria has allocated fuel in the amount of UAH 100,000 for refueling cars of Emergency Medical Centers. In addition, since March, the company has provided free coffee and water to employees of the Centers and drivers of tank trucks. So far, they have been treated more than 1,400 cups of coffee and more than 900 bottles of mineral water.

Shell in Albania

In Albania Shell gave 3,000 food packages to people who belong to vulnerable groups, including the elderly and low-income families.

Shell in Canada

Shell in Canada donated 125,000 liters of isopropyl alcohol to the Canadian government for use in medical facilities. Furthermore, the company produced 2,700 protective shields for repeated use of 3D-printer Shell Scotford and provided sets of chemicals and detergents for use in regional health care facilities.

Shell in China

The company collaborated with the NGO “One Fund” to provide medical supplies and equipment to Hubei hospitals. The aid consisted of 30 tons of medical ethanol, 10,000 sets of medical overalls, and 5,000 pairs of glasses.

Shell in Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan Shell, together with other companies donated medical equipment and personal protective equipment to the hospital, Noor Sultan. The North Caspian Operating Company provided equipment and materials for intensive care testing and treatment COVID-19 in regional hospitals.

Shell in the Netherlands

The company donated 2.5 million liters of isopropyl alcohol to healthcare.

Shell in Turkey

The company provided free isopropyl alcohol for further processing in disinfectants for hospitals, coordinated by the Ministry of Health.

Social responsibility has always been one of Shell’s most important missions, and in these difficult times, we are truly able to prove by action that people are our biggest asset.

About Shell in Ukraine

Royal Dutch Shell is one of the global leaders in energy and petrochemical industry. As of May 2020, Shell operated in over 70 countries, using the most advanced technologies, and taking an innovative approach to help build a sustainable future. The Company employs nearly 86,000 people sharing the values of honesty, integrity, and respect.

Shell Retail business entered the Ukrainian market in 2007. Since then, Shell-branded fuel sites network has been operated by Shell / Alliance Holding. Shell Retail Ukraine is a part of the Central and Eastern European cluster of Shell Downstream. Shell in Ukraine employs around 1500 people.

To date, the network of Shell-branded fuel sites consists of 132 stations in 20 oblasts of Ukraine, offering its customers high-quality motor fuel products, including Shell V-Power petroleum, diesel & LPG, as well as a solid range of Convenience Retailing goods, tasty food & beverages products. In 2019, in an effort to meet the expectations of a growing number of Ukrainian electric vehicle owners, Shell in partnership with YASNO E-Mobility installed four fast electric vehicle charging modules at selected fuel sites.

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