LDaily #16 (12/2020)

This issue of LDaily magazine is the final one of the year 2020. To describe this period as critical, exceptional, or catastrophic for business would be an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly, drastically, and globally reshaped the usual state of business affairs and quickly threw it into a new coordinate system. Not everyone found their place, but many managed not only to survive but also to gain momentum.


LDaily #15 (09/2020)

Businesses in Ukraine, they faced unprecedented challenges and acted differently during the quarantine crisis in the first half of 2020. Those that have remained afloat after experiencing various losses are now recovering.

The main lesson of this experience — the situation can always get worse. The participants of this LDaily issue have mastered this lesson. Our readers will discover first-hand information about essential things that are not supposed to be business-related at first glance but sometimes only ensure business’ survival and revival. These are the value of human resources, the priority of the public good, and social responsibility. The experience of restructuring the workflow and business processes in new conditions is also extremely important, especially under the constant threat of the transport system shutdown.


LDaily #14 (06/2020)

COVID-19 affects the entire economic system of the world. The pandemic forces people to abandon the well-established business processes and suspend business activities. This causes as much harm as the disease itself. However, if developed countries have strong financial levers to help businesses, Ukraineт does not have such a financial reserve. This is a serious challenge for Ukrainian businesses.

The experience of leading players in the domestic and world economic markets is extremely important now. It is about those who are successfully getting out of a difficult socio-economic situation thanks to the optimal and effective organization of all business processes and social activities. The experience of these entrepreneurs, state and public figures is revealed in this LDaily issue.


LDaily #13 (03/2020)

This issue reveals the thoughts of real estate professionals from the US, UAE, Georgia, Bulgaria, Nigeria and other countries, as well as representatives of international organizations. The heads of investment companies planning to invest in the Ukrainian real estate market have shared with us their opinions on the prospects of building powerful objects for residential, agricultural, and technological purposes.


LDaily #12 (12/2019)

For this issue of our magazine, well-known experts in risk management, heads of international organizations, powerful business owners planning to enter the Ukrainian market were asked to share their experience in the issues a potential investor may face in Ukraine and how these issues can be resolved.

LDaily #11 (09/2019)

The joint LDaily issue with the Chinese Commerce Association (CCA) is dedicated to China and Chinese business in Ukraine. Ukraine and the PRC have significant prospects for cooperation, so we dedicate this issue to its successes and challenges, achievements and difficulties.

LDaily #10 (06/2019)

The joint LDaily issue with the Swedish Business Association (SBA) is dedicated to Swedish companies operating in Ukraine. Businesspersons share their companies’ achievements and express their thoughts on the necessary changes in the country for better business development and attracting new investments.

LDaily #9 (03/2019)

The collaborative issue of LDaily with the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) is dedicated to achievements and successes of business-cooperation between two countries. Diplomats and businessmen from Germany describe their way to the Ukrainian market.

LDaily #8 (01/2019)

In this issue, businesspersons from different spheres share their impressions of building a business in our country, the latest changes on the automotive market of Ukraine, the modernization of metallurgical enterprises, the importance of investment funds in Ukraine, and the challenges faced by business in 2018.

LDaily #7 (09/2018)

This LDaily edition was created in partnership with the European Business Association. Heads of the leading companies tell us the constructive details of what changes they notice in Ukraine and how successfully the missions of their corporations are carried out here.

LDaily #6 (06/2018)

In this issue, LDaily focuses mainly on the banking and energy sectors. The CEOs of the largest companies are talking about restoring the profitability of banks and energy independence, the shortcomings of legislation and the general lack of trust in the business environment.

LDaily #5 (03/2018)

This LDaily edition covers the realities and prospects of the Ukrainian real estate market. Its leading investors tell about changes, post-crisis development and its hidden potential.

LDaily #4 (12/2017)

The “Swiss” edition of LDaily is dedicated to the achievements and successes of the business cooperation between two countries. Diplomats and businessmen from Switzerland describe their way to the Ukrainian market.

LDaily #3 (09/2017)

This issue of LDaily highlights the situation in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. There are columns on social responsibility, branch problems and local realities covered by both foreign and Ukrainian experts.

LDaily #2 (05/2017)

This LDaily issue is devoted mainly to the commercial real estate. It is also telling us about attracting foreign investment to the agricultural sector and Ukraine’s export-import balance in 2016.

LDaily #1 (01/2017)

In the opening issue, LDaily analyzed the business climate in Ukraine and listed the business achievements of 2016. Foreign investors, government officials and lawyers tell us about the investment attractiveness of the country.

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