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First of all, you must clearly understand what you are doing and what treatment success you want to achieve

First of all, you must clearly understand what you are doing and what treatment success you want to achieve


30.12.2020 (№ LDaily #16)

First of all, you must clearly understand what you are doing and what treatment success you want to achieve

Gennady Ignatiev is a chiropractor and vertebrologist with more than 35 years of experience. He shared with the LDaily readers his observations and reflections on the correct attitude to the spine as a core of life, both literally and figuratively. Our interlocutor is the author of patents for the treatment of osteochondrosis, dysplasia of the hip joints in infants, and many other diseases of the musculoskeletal system without surgery and orthopedic devices. Moreover, he is a developer of numerous treatment methods.

LDaily: How often do you consult patients with back pain and what causes it?

G. Ignatiev: Ukrainian people are used to seeing the doctor only when something hurts. What’s more, the media does not tell about serious spine problems. We can regularly see advertising about dentistry and its importance, but no one ever mentions the vertebrae. So only a few people realize that the spine is the basis of the whole body, and any processes taking place in it are already irreversible. The vertebrae cannot be restored and, as a result, the internal organs suffer as well. All the tissues around the vertebrae begin to work autonomously and age rapidly if not receiving the desired signal of neurons from the spinal cord.

We managed to get to the truth and understand why back problems occur. My method makes it possible to predict what problems will a newborn have just by looking at the pregnant woman. After all, the mother, including surrogacy passes on to the unborn child biomechanics and therefore problems with the spine and the entire musculoskeletal system may occur. About 98% of children are born with spinal problems. That is, they are injured prenatally (in utero) or during childbirth.

It used to be very popular to have a C-section. However, it may cause some problems. The baby is removed from the uterus by the head with two fingers through a very narrow incision, which causes subluxation of the first cervical vertebra. During natural births, babies often get subluxation of the first and second cervical vertebrae, and this is the beginning of the spinal cord! Then the injured baby assumes compensatory postures, gets reflex tortuosity of the spine, which, in its turn, leads to scoliosis, deformities of the ribs in the chest, and to various dysfunctions (for example, to the beveled pelvis). This problem can reach the ankle joints and lead to flat feet.

Minor displacements of the first cervical vertebra affect the cerebral circulation, so dysfunctions of the skull bones in the form of facial asymmetry may appear right away.

When we admit a child for treatment, we try to bring them only benefit. Our goal is to stop the negative processes they are experiencing throughout their whole life. Moreover, those negative effects harm new organs and systems every day. Accordingly, we have additional problems when the body is overstrained.

The sooner we start the treatment, the higher the chances of stopping the negative consequences are. Particularly, the 10-15th day after birth is the perfect period for this. During this period, we identify and interrupt pathological chains, when one problem can lead to a number of others. As a result, in the first 28 days of the neonatal period, the baby matures and develops properly and does not have any problems in the future.

LDaily: What is the plan of treatment in your clinic? Please, tell us more about your treatment methods.

G. Ignatiev: The treatment lasts for a period of 2.5 years. At first, you have 5 doctor appointments every other day. Next time you see a doctor in a month, then two and three months and eventually in six months. Then, for 2-3 years you have doctor appointments every six months. So in general, you have up to 10-12 appointments for the entire period of 2.5 years of treatment.

This method allows the body to restart and balance itself by preventing all dysfunctions in biomechanics.

In 38 years of practice, I have not come across one similar medical history, since each case is unique. Thirty years ago, no one used such terminology as “twisted pelvis”, and the concept of “pelvic skew” simply did not exist. In the 2000s, when I raised the issue of a twisted pelvis, many orthopedists, neurologists, and traumatologists just laughed. Nevertheless, today everyone has recognized that such a problem actually exists and it is a serious one.

Nowadays, there are many osteopaths and chiropractors offering their services. However, unnecessary interference to the musculoskeletal system may potentially cause disability. Therefore, quite a lot of contraindications should be considered and each patient must be approached individually. But most chiropractors remove bent-twisted pelvic dysfunction for 2-3 days, which causes a “boomerang effect”. In addition, frequent intervention leads to instability and complications. My method, in its turn, removes many dysfunctions with a lifetime guarantee.

LDaily: Are the standards of Iron Man, triathlon, etc. acceptable for maintaining a healthy spine or not?

G. Ignatiev: Firstly, you need to undergo a medical check-up before you start doing any sport, including yoga, pilates, and so on. It is wrong to go to the gym or dive into sports without knowing whether your body is capable of doing it or not. The point is, before you go to the gym and start doing any sports activity, you need to make sure that the load will not bring any harm. Therefore, it would be nice to visit a specialist who can diagnose you and make their conclusion. Accordingly, if there are even the slightest violations, they will draw your attention to them or even eliminate them.

LDaily: Is running good or bad for your health?

G. Ignatiev: Intervertebral discs develop during the first 18 months of life up to 1.5 years. The normal height of the intervertebral column is one-third of the higher vertebra. If our vertebra is 3 cm, then the intervertebral disc below should be 1 cm. Show me at least one child or a teenager who has a 10 mm intervertebral disc? They practically do not exist. As a rule, it is only 2-3 mm. It simply did not “open up” from early childhood and did not develop properly. A healthy intervertebral disc works as a shock absorber. It can shrink and stretch while running. Now tell me, how can it shrink if its thickness is only 2-3 mm? What happens next? Dynamic loads will gradually destroy the spine. Make your conclusions… I support the motto: “Movement is life!” However, the movement must be harmonious and correct. All our body needs is a little bit of help!

LDaily: What is the treatment route for a patient with back pain today?

G. Ignatiev: All our patients must be diagnosed and re-examined first. If necessary, we do the MRI of the spine, blood tests, ultrasound, R-graphy, tests for parasite toxins, neuroviral infections. Then, patients have additional consultations with specialists, and much more.

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