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Nana Pipiia. The editors notice

Nana Pipiia. The editors notice


30.12.2020 (№ LDaily #16)

Nana Pipiia. The editors notice

This issue of LDaily magazine is the final one of the year 2020. To describe this period as critical, exceptional, or catastrophic for business would be an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly, drastically, and globally reshaped the usual state of business affairs and quickly threw it into a new coordinate system. Not everyone found their place, but many managed not only to survive but also to gain momentum. This is evidenced by a survey conducted by LDaily among business leaders.

The results of the survey also show that the crisis seriously harmed only one in ten respondents, meanwhile one in twenty discovered new opportunities. Half of those surveyed did not change their investment plans, although many had to say goodbye not only to offices but also to expansion plans, not to mention business trips and visits. As for the positive aspects of the activities, switching to remote mode mainly led to the growth of trust in subordinates and between employees in teams.

As for the coming 2021 year, most expect an improvement in the world economy. I join them, sincerely wishing you success and prosperity. Enjoy the reading and merry winter holidays!

Editor in Chief
Nana Pipiia

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