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Nana Pipiia. The editor’s notice

Nana Pipiia. The editor’s notice


07.04.2020 (№ LDaily #8)

Nana Pipiia. The editor’s notice

The 2018 year was not easy for business. Nevertheless, we can notice positive moments at its end.

Almost all the characters of this issue have noted the insignificant progress, as well as the irreversibility of reforms in Ukraine. Therefore, rich in ideas and resources professionals will hardly miss these favorable opportunities.

The majority also notices the importance and necessity of both continuous profit growth and direct resource communication of businesses with society — with specific people, communities and localities. This is not about faceless social responsibility, but about real means for someone’s life, building roads, creating sports grounds, and effective cultural activities. Isn’t it the high goal of business: to earn more to be able to enjoy their own noble deeds?

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