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  • potopolskaya 1

    Exit capital tax will prompt business to give up the unlawful tax preferences

    How do businesses pay taxes in Ukraine? Why is a balanced tax system so important for the development of any business: both private and public? Tetiana Potopalska, leading expert and taxation advisor of the president of the state company «Enerhoatom», told to LDaily. After a conversation with Tetiana Potopalska, the catch phrase of Benjamin Franklin […]

  • nedashkovskyj

    The law should protect business

    An interview with Yuri Nedashkovsky, President of the State Enterprise National Nuclear Energy Generating Company “Energoatom”, about the state of the energy sector in Ukraine, the prospects for its development, as well as the needs for business in order to feel comfortable in our country. The energy sector of Ukraine was inherited from the Soviet […]