Krzysztof  Kudlek

Krzysztof Kudlek, General Manager of DC "Electrolux LLC".

Krzysztof Kudlek, General Manager of DC "Electrolux LLC".


Demand for values: how companies with strong principles win in the modern world

30.09.2019 (№ LDaily #10)

Krzysztof Kudlek, General Manager of DC “Electrolux LLC”.

The home appliance market is one of the most interesting in terms of a combination of trends. On the one hand, it is quite conservative – consumers know what the hob, refrigerator, or washing. On the other hand, in this framework, the true struggle for a new technological and design breakthrough continues, which makes life even more comfortable. So, how to create new appliances, staying understandable for people? This is a challenge for engineers and designers all over the world.

We see global trends in home appliances combined into two key areas: connectivity and sustainability. The first, in fact, demonstrates the demand for digitalization, and the ability to manage technology by a smartphone, integrate it into smart home systems, connect within the Internet of things. As for sustainability, this is precisely linked to changes in attitudes towards life. More and more people understand the challenges of climate change and generally ethical attitudes towards peace and society. Therefore, people rightly want the companies they trust to be transparent and in line with standards.

Electrolux is a Swedish company. Not just by the country of origin but by its very nature and the approach to work. That is why for our business, technology and responsible attitude towards business are more than following the trends. This is rather the case when global trends are clearly in line with the company’s philosophy. Electrolux has been operating on the world market for over 100 years, producing appliances based on the uncompromised principles in ethics and approach towards technology.

Today, in response to new trends, we propose new product ranges, which become even more smart and user-friendly. This year, we will globally present a new generation of intuitive appliances for the kitchen, which allow turning the process of cooking into creativity rather than thinking about the complexity. Thus, for example, a revolutionary function is the ability to forget about what is boiling up. SenseBoil monitors the water itself: it adjusts settings by evaluating when the water reaches the boiling point and converting the active boil to the boil on low heat. Electrolux also strategically develops collaboration with Google to better integrate home appliances into convenient networks allowing anyone to control everything from their smartphones. In Europe, the company has already begun offering customers the option of Electrolux Google Assistant. If we’ll see the constant demand for this technology, it may also appear in Ukraine in the future.

Electrolux develops following the global concept “For the better” which is realized at three levels: for employees, for consumers, and for the planet. From the establishment of the company to the creation of a product and its further utilization, we defend the principles of equality, careful attitude to the environment and the planet. For us, these are the basic values, that’s why consumers trust Electrolux.

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