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Nana Pipiia. The editors notice

Nana Pipiia. The editors notice


15.06.2020 (№ LDaily #14)

Nana Pipiia. The editors notice

There are about seven million patients worldwide… Hundreds of thousands of deaths… Total quarantine and restrictions on movement between countries around the world… A large-scale decline in business activity and the suspension of economic processes…

This is an exceptional challenge for the entire global community. From an economic perspective, it is incomparable even with the previous large-scale pandemics. The modern world economy differs with broad integration. It involves active communication between business and legal entities. Most importantly, it implies a significant movement of material resources and labor capital between countries. The latter is a fundamental characteristic of today’s globalized economy.

Not only people are suffering from the disaster. COVID-19 affects the entire economic system of the world. The pandemic forces people to abandon the well-established business processes and suspend business activities. This causes as much harm as the disease itself. However, if developed countries have strong financial levers to help businesses, Ukraine, like most Eastern European countries, does not have such a financial reserve. This is a serious challenge for Ukrainian businesses.

The experience of leading players in the domestic and world economic markets is extremely important now. It is about those who are successfully getting out of a difficult socio-economic situation thanks to the optimal and effective organization of all business processes and social activities.

The experience of these entrepreneurs, state and public figures is revealed in this LDaily issue. The guests of the magazine gladly share with the readers their thoughts on the situation in Ukraine and the world caused by the coronavirus. They also provide recommendations on how to organize business and community activities that will help to emerge stronger with the least losses from this crisis.

Nana Pipiia, Editor-in-Chief

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