State Property Fund in the early spring will repeat the auction for the sale of shares of Kherson CHPP

Almost 100% of the shares (99.83%) of Kherson heat and power plant will be re-auctioned by the State Property Fund of Ukraine. According to preliminary data it will be held on March, 16 of this year on sale with a starting price of 155 million UAH. It is reported by the source

Terms of privatization of this company for the investor are: filing an application before March, 7-th this year and payment of 7.75 million UAH of tender guarantee or submitting the bank guarantee for that amount.

Under the terms of the auction it is provided that the buyer of the abovementioned CHPP will have to keep the activity profile of the power facility – namely, the supply of services of central heating. Also one of the conditions is a repayment during the year of overdue debt regarding payment of taxes and fees, and program development, which provides the replacement of worn-out heating mediums.

A potential investor, also, will not have powers concerning the dismissal of workers for six months from the date of purchase of the shares.

Kherson combined heat and power supply plant is the main spring of heating for 60% of consumers of heat energy in Kherson.

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