Over the past year, McDonald’s has increased its investment in Ukraine by 23%

Ukrainian commercial organization McDonald’s Ukraine Ltd., owned by Golden Arches Eutopians Holdings B.V. Dutch company, has increased in the past year, investment in the improvement of the network of Ukrainian fast-food restaurants.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the rate of investment rose by 23% which amounts to 270 million UAH.

It is also known that in 2016 three new establishments were opened in Kyiv and renovated 2: one in the capital and one in Lviv. In the city of Zaporizhia in the near term will finish the reconstruction of another fast-food places.

In Ukraine, the first McDonald’s was opened in Kiev on Lukiaanivka subway station in 1997. According to estimates in the month of December 2016 in Ukraine the number of such institutions is 80. Over 20 years of experience in investment it has been invested more than $ 250 million.

Among the interesting facts may be noted that that nine out of Ukrainian McDonald’s entered the top 100 most visited network of institutions, the most visited of them is the restaurant which is located near the central train / railway station in Kiev.

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