Oleksandra Alkhimovych, Managing Director of Luxoft Ukraine: Stable and predictable regulatory mechanisms are essential for the normal functioning of a business

Blitz interview with Oleksandra Alkhimovych, Managing Director of Luxoft Ukraine.

: What are the main indicators for the first half of 2019?

O. Alhimovich: Luxoft Ukraine is a part of the global company Luxoft, so we do not provide the economic indicators of the Ukrainian office separately. Today, we have three locations in Ukraine: in Kyiv, Dnipro and Odessa. This year, Luxoft has become a part of DXC Technology, an American technology leader with 130000 employees and 6000 customers in 70 countries.

: How do employees influence the company’s success? What tools do you use to monitor their effectiveness? What do you do with those who are not involved enough in the process? Do you help them find inner motivation?

O. Alhimovich: Luxoft specialists are the basis of the company’s success. The expertise and experience of our experts allow Luxoft to meet customer needs and even exceed their expectations. To measure efficiency, we use the KPI system, which depends on the project and the company’s subdivision.

Also, the company operates a program LuxGood – a set of activities and actions aimed at ensuring the welfare of specialists. We want to raise the level of self-awareness among professionals about health care and increase the efficiency of work through maintaining a good emotional and physical condition. Moreover, the project is designed to prevent the “burnout” of Luxoft experts. All of this positively affects their working activity.

Our HR-team implements many initiatives related to increasing the participation of colleagues in various events: starting from corporate holidays, training programs and to our loyalty program, motivational meetings with famous speakers, etc.

: Tell us about your plans for the next three years. Do you plan new investments in Ukraine?

O. Alhimovich: We believe that the most valuable resource in Ukraine is people, therefore, we will invest in their development, as we did before. We plan to continue our cooperation with universities and other educational institutions, to invest in the development of talents and promising youth, to actively engage in their professional development. In addition, every project under the work of Luxoft specialists in Ukraine has a positive effect on the economy and develops the labor market: we create demand for staff and train our specialists.

: What problems does your business face in Ukraine?

O. Alhimovich: In the IT field, there is not a problem, but rather a risk that poses a threat to the growth of the company – this is the issue of lack of qualified specialists. This situation is inherent not only in Ukraine, but also in the world, where, according to various estimates, there will not be enough hundreds of thousands of technical specialists in a few years. The whole world is moving in the direction of information technology, it is becoming technological, enterprises are digitally transforming their business. When developing solutions for our clients, we often encounter a small number of specialists in the market who have the knowledge and experience in one or another technology. If you do not find such specialists on time, it may endanger the launch of a project or its high-quality implementation.

To improve this situation, we conduct training within the company. We have advanced training programs or the possibility to change the professional direction for specialists. Also, to reduce the difference between university knowledge and market needs, we have internships for students working closely with universities.

Stable and predictable regulatory mechanisms are essential for the normal functioning of a business. The IT market is no exception. To minimize regulatory risks, Luxoft, as a member of the IT Association of Ukraine, regularly meets with representatives of the legislative and executive authorities, participates in the development of regulatory documents and proposals aimed at improving the business climate in the country.

: Do you feel the changes in the business climate during the company’s existence in the Ukrainian market?

O. Alhimovich: Yes, Luxoft has been represented in Ukraine since 2005, and for more than 10 years, we have experienced both negative and positive changes in the business climate. Of course, the unstable economic and socio-political situation does not positively affect the development of business and the perception of Ukraine by foreign partners as an attractive region for entrepreneurship.

However, we now see and openly demonstrate to our foreign clients the improvement of the business climate. This is happening against the background of legislative initiatives, minimization of regulatory risks, joint projects of the government and the IT market participants, thanks to which the country managed to achieve positive changes in the world business rankings.

: How can the change of power affect the company’s activity? What do you expect from the new government? In your opinion, should the state interfere the business?

O. Alhimovich: Luxoft was and is outside of politics, we do not support any political force. Accordingly, our expectations from the new government are the same as the previous ones, namely: the stability of the political and economic situation in the country, the dialogue with the industry to develop the legal documents for its development. Competition in the IT market takes place at a global level, the mobility of talents forces countries to compete with each other. Therefore, the future of the industry in Ukraine also depends on the effectiveness of the government’s actions in maintaining and increasing human capital.

: What, in your opinion, prevents a business from fully operating on the Ukrainian market?

O. Alhimovich: Every business has its own and industry-specific obstacles, but the Ukrainian market has two challenges. These are economic instability and frequent political uncertainty. However, recently, the government and the business have done a lot to reduce the impact of these challenges on the market participants. So, I believe there are factors that influence the work of a business, but one cannot say that there is one thing which completely prevents businesses from functioning today.

: There probably were mistakes during the existence of the company. Do you work on correcting them? Who helps you cope with this?

O. Alhimovich: Of course, we do this. Understanding the causes of positive or negative consequences is very important for planning and building a strategy as either a separate department or project, or the entire company. Our first assistants are the Luxoft experts themselves. We have formed and maintain a culture of feedback, we regularly conduct surveys within the company. We also have a separate division which deals with the implementation of changes based on research and feedback from interested parties.

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