Lantmannen AXA constantly strive to please our customers, therefore START packaging get the updated bright design!

In a massive redesign START! all worked at every detail.

And although the composition remained almost unchanged, each element became different. Company created completely different characters. Added contrast between the background, character and the plate. Changed the style of product names and made the overall look more minimalistic.

Heroes are growing up and now they are modern active teenagers with various hobbies. In total, we created 15 images for three heroes. Choosing a 3D-style that is relevant for children, provided each character with special character features. Lion is extreme, he chooses dynamic entertainment. Zebra is friendly and she is talented in everything. Koala is a completely new character for us, which is well-known by intelligence and abilities in the tech world.

Products START! are not only for delicious breakfasts, but also for development, because on all packages added various games on the back.

Illustrations of characters, games, fonts, matching colors with each other, changing the background, the history of each plot – all required updating. And the result was not long in coming: the product is already on the shelves, it receives positive reviews, children recognize it and enjoy the new heroes.


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