Megafon Company entered into a deal with

Russian operator MegaFon made a deal with shareholders to acquire a controlling stake shares of the corporation. According to official information, the purchase of securities was effected by signing the agreements with companies such as New Media and Technology Investment LP, New Media Technologies Capital Partners Limited and Ardoe Finance Limited, who are the owners of more than 50% stake in and, in turn, belong to mining and metallurgical holding Alesher Usmanov – USM. Thus, into the ownership of the Moscow operator transferred 11.5 million shares of Class A and 21.9 million ordinary shares in the capital of Group, which corresponds to 63.8% of the voting shares of Group.

The cost of the transaction amounted to 740 million dollars. Among the main reasons of signing the contract are the ambitions of representatives of Megaphone to use the technical basis of social network VKontakte owned by, to promote its new service – VK Mobile.


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