“LIVE.LOVE impressed me with the systemic approach. They have a specific goal here. My goal, for example, is to run a marathon!”

Alexander Pavlovsky, the owner of the group of companies called Saturn, talks in an exclusive interview for LDaily about innovative directions of business, current and future of the Ukrainian economy, as well as why the LIVE.LOVE hub is better than any fitness clubs

He is all-round and happy person, after a conversation with whom a sense of ease does not leave for a long time. And all is because Alexander Pavlovsky lives, builds his business, paint pictures (an exhibition of his paintings was held in Spivakovska ART: EGO) and even does sport in an absolute harmony with himself. But this does not prevent him from following the trends of global business. For example, Alexander is sure that the future is for alternative energy, that is why he boldly began to develop a new, solar direction in his company. It seems that for him there is no concept of “will not work out”, there is only – “it is necessary to make efforts”: to run, to overcome 21.5 km, then – 42 km. “And after the marathon, I would like to go swimming and cross the Bosphorus, connect the two continents by myself.” And there is no reason to doubt that both the marathon and the Bosporus will be conquered.


: Alexander, tell us about the activities of your group of companies.

O. Pavlovsky: I am the founder of the Saturn group of companies, which includes several activities, such as engineering in the field of fire protection, video surveillance systems, access control systems, other security equipment, integrated security systems (physical security, bodyguard services), distribution. After graduating from the university in 2012 in Berlin and getting an MBA degree, I was interested in solar energy, which became the newest direction of my consortium.

Before getting engaged in energy, we conducted a large study and analyzed various areas related to the production of alternative energy. Solar energy was proved to be the most suitable one of this list, because it is available, close to us as engineers and does not require the installation of complex expensive equipment, such as windmills.

Why solar energy?

: Alternative energy is a new direction for our country, and therefore is associated with multiple risks, high costs and lack of clear prospects, isn`t it?

O. Pavlovsky: You are right about the risks, there are some of them. And the entrance to this market is not cheap. That is why here not so many people work with their own investments, mostly they live the expense of other investors, borrowed capital. The state supports this direction. In particular, the law prescribes a “green tariff” until 2030. This makes the investment transparent, with an understandable payback period and return of the money invested in this sector.

: So what does this market attract you with?

O. Pavlovsky: First of all, the fact that it gives clean energy. I also want Ukraine to move to the 4.0 economy as soon as possible, and not to stay in coal or oil, because this is the future of our children.

: And who else in Ukraine, except you and your company, does develop the direction of solar energy?

O. Pavlovsky: I will not name them, but there are more than a dozen of such companies. They are developing successfully, and I am convinced that their numbers will continue to grow.

Expansion “by interests”

: How did your company survive the crisis of 2013-2014?

O. Pavlovsky: In fact, our company survived not only this crisis, so till 2013 it had already a certain hardening. In difficult years we survived due to the diversification of our services, if we were engaged in one type of activity, we could not keep moving. Our policy is not to enlarge the state, but to expand partnerships. We unite interested companies, thereby minimizing our costs. I think it’s stupid to recruit a large staff in our time and wait for new customers to come to you.

: Do you agree with the statement that 2016 was a breakthrough for the Ukrainian economy?

O. Pavlovsky: Concerning the latest data, the growth of the Ukrainian economy is 2% -3%, but let’s not forget about the big 50% fall that we experienced in 2013. Now Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in the world with the lowest GDP per capita … while an increase in rates by a couple of percent is just ridiculous figures.

It is too early to talk about an economic breakthrough in Ukraine. We, like a rocket, are at the start, but how much time we will be starting and when we take off – no one knows.

Sports history

: Alexander, how did your story in LIVE.LOVE start?

O. Pavlovsky: First and foremost, it is health care, because in fact I am engaged in sports all my life. In LIVE.LOVE I am very impressed by the systematic approach and high professionalism of the trainers, which you will not find in other fitness clubs in Kiev. The hub has an incredibly positive atmosphere, and most importantly is that all people go here for a specific purpose. Mine, for example, is to run a marathon!

: How did you hear about LIVE.LOVE?

O. Pavlovsky: LIVE.LOVE is focused on a certain circle of people, the information in which spreads quite quickly. First you see photos of your friends in Facebook, then you hear stories in general companies … and step by step the personal need to join the project is formed. A lot of my friends got into the paws of LIVE.LOVE, and they are very cool.

LIVE.LOVE is the best of all existing programs for achieving great results in running and swimming. Someone will say that you can hire a personal trainer, but hanging out in a hub is not just a workout, but also a cool community

S&B model

: Do regular workouts affect business?

O. Pavlovsky: Yes, they do. Running, for example, refreshes my head very well. In the modern world there is a lot of information that fills our minds daily, like technical white noise. Therefore, sport became for me a kind of meditation. Very often I come back from jogging already with a ready business solution, which I was unsuccessfully thinking about in the office.

: Alexander, would you like to live and develop business in another country?

O. Pavlovsky: I want to develop business in Ukraine. My goal is to make my company a global player, so that there is an opportunity not only to import, but also to export. Moreover, while working with foreign companies, I know that competition is much bigger there than in Ukraine. And it is not that easy to raise your business abroad as it may seem.

How many years do you think should pass until Ukraine will stand in line with European countries in terms of living standards and business development?

O. Pavlovsky: It’s hard to say, I prefer to live here and now. However, there will be no changes until the state creates comfortable conditions for businessmen, under which they will not run from the country and take money out of here, but will remain and create, create a future in their homeland. Now exactly the opposite is happening here.

To sum up

: In your personal opinion, which steps should be done first in order to improve the system of public administration?

O. Pavlovski: I was in politics and promised not to come back. I do not believe that you can quickly change everything: Ukraine must undergo an evolutionary path, nurture the experience of other countries, establish good partnership relations and, of course, change the generation, which will have new ideals, values ​​and new leaders.


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