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Nataliya Dmytriyeva, the Head of the project, PhD.

The portal is not another platform for only professional online consultations. Our mission is to change the market of legal services. We have developed a new game-changing approach to providing legal assistance that optimizes your time management, while time is the most expensive resource of the 21st century.

The first and foremost feature of is the fact that hundreds of Ukrainian citizens and foreigners daily apply for help in solving their problems in the legal field. They receive this help promptly. So, a lot of lawyers and attorneys in all branches of law are registered on our website, and many subscribers can be found on social networks. Also, we effectively work not only in the field of legal advice – we assist our clients in getting rid of the accumulated issues, which hinder work and development, steal time and create plenty of useless troubles.

The development of e-commerce dictates the particular market conditions, that’s why typical legal companies often ignore the basic principle of work — the confidentiality of consultations — as they strive to get higher rankings in search engines. Unlike these companies, never reveals our clients’ problems: we absolutely respect the personal life of everyone who needs help.

For foreign citizens living in Ukraine, fast solving of legal issues is often a factor in determining their future life and work here. The portal has all the conditions for this. We select the best experts who have successfully solved relevant issues and speak foreign languages (or work with translators), and accompany our clients until their issues are solved.

Thanks to the opportunities provided for entrepreneurs by the platform, we optimize financial and time costs, in particular, for business trips in Ukraine and dealing with formalities in various institutions. We are always near, so you don’t need to have an in-house lawyer. All in all, you can find an expert on the portal in any field of law in one click!

All legal issues can be resolved remotely in the online office — you’ll get a consultation of an experienced lawyer without distracting from your main business tasks. Thanks to working with various companies, our specialists have considerable experience working with corporations of different types and solve both common and non-typical tasks in the legal field.

You contact us — we resolve all your legal issues, and if necessary, we also provide ongoing legal support for your business. – All lawyers in your pocket!

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