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S&P Investment Risk Management Agency launched a legal portal 5 years ago. It was designed as an innovative online-platform for lawyers’ communication and for all who needed legal assistance. Experts now can effectively provide legal services in personal online-cabinets while clients can get qualified legal assistance promptly. Today, has grown into a large-scale portal, where 2600 lawyers and attorneys from different regions of Ukraine and other experts in all branches of law are registered.  More than 11 thousand people have already visited the site while looking for assistance. Every day, managers of process dozens of new appeals from potential clients, as well as inquiries from lawyers regarding cooperation. The СЕО and founder of S&P and Mykola Siutkin told LDaily how an online portal of legal services was created.

A new glance at the legal services market

S&P Company specializes in investment risks protection of large foreign and Ukrainian companies. It is impossible to act without competent legal support in large business; this is the undeniable fact of our time.  Dwellers of business environment understand this perfectly. However, we were convinced that legal support is extremely needed for both small and medium-sized businesses, and especially for common citizens who face everyday problems in the legal field. For most of them, effective legal advice is unavailable, moreover, many of them even do not understand its value and are not aware of the culture of providing legal services at all.

When issues concerning property division during a divorce, inheritance receiving, or private entrepreneur registration arise, when a conflict over land bursts out between neighbors, or a car inspector writes out an unfair fine, – a person will rather search answers asking friends or on the Internet.  Only when a lot of unnecessary steps have already been taken, he comes to a law office.

Taking into account the situation, we have decided to realize the All-Ukrainian project – virtual platform, where people from all over the country could communicate with lawyers and attorneys, receive the necessary information, advice, and explanations on urgent vital questions, and finally, have access to qualified legal assistance. Creating was also motivated by other our considerations: as it turned out, it is commonly more convenient for a person to ask questions online, to specify a row of suggestive questions on the problem first, rather than to decide on a personal meeting with an attorney.

Often people do not understand the depth of a legal issue. You save money on expert advice today, but get a problem which will require more money and energy to be solved tomorrow

Communication with a lawyer online is primarily a significant time-saver. There is no need for a person to adapt for meeting and go to a physical office. You can order a consultation and resolve legal issues immediately, without stopping your business and at any suitable time.

One more important thing our portal has to resolve is market signals optimization of legal services. Annually, approximately 30 thousand of young experts graduate from Universities, and can become a great platform for searching customers, daily practice and self-improvement in the profession.

From an idea to implementation: development of the portal

The best IT specialists, designers, marketers, copywriters have been involved in working on the portal. Preparatory work has been lasting for a year. They have created a complicated mechanism and appearance of

Effective work on a website and its active environment were formed because of several conditions. Thus, has been provided legal services for free for the first two years.  So, after the registration, lawyers had to solve 5 issues free-of-charge, and only after that, they were allowed to have access to paid issues. This was done both for gaining certain real experience by a young expert, and for testing their professionalism. Today, the portal provides the possibility of earning to all project partners, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a pro. The main point is executed work within the time frames and in a high-quality manner. Every day, every registered lawyer looks through inquiries from clients and offers their services according to the specialization, in which he/she is the most competent. A lawyer specifies the fee and briefly describes what volume of work he/she is ready to provide. A client, in turn, chooses the most suitable option, pays and receives access to the chat with the chosen lawyer on the portal. Administration of acts as arbitration between participants, watches whether there are contradictions between parties. in numbers

Monthly, our website is visited by 30 thousand of users. They are active participants of social networks which are a powerful tool for expanding the audience of the portal and communicating with people. maintains many social pages, first of all, for increasing legal literacy of Ukrainians.  In particular, the company shares comments on new legislation that has just come into force; analyzes typical and frequent cases from the legal practice, forms infographics, even publishes entertaining content. That is why the audience of the Facebook community is about 20 thousands of followers today. We also promote profiles of prosperous lawyers (a kind of encouragement of the most active workers of the portal), and their professional articles and comments that are posted on the website blog.

Supporting the smooth work of our portal is a very responsible and expensive thing. S&P invests millions of hryvnias per year to enable to operate as efficiently as possible.

Social mission

Our mission is to provide legal services to any category of citizens, at any time, regarding any legal issue and from anywhere in the world.

Lawyers of the portal provide free-of-charge legal advice on questions that we put to the “social” section on a voluntary basis.  Our aim is to scale social activity in this direction. That is why has been recently involved in the active search of grants. However, S&P still remains responsible for maintaining the vital activity of the portal.

Everyone can ask a question at Naturally, citizens from the most unprotected section of the population often appeal for help.  These are people with disabilities, single mothers, large families, elderly people, refugees, settlers… Helping this category of people is an important mission, the decision mechanism of which is already being created on the portal.

Our experts are ready to consult customers in detail on urgent issues and – if there is a need – represent their interests in all courts, organizations, and institutions of Ukraine and abroad. That is why it is possible to find an expert from any region of the country on and get advice on any legal issue in all branches of law. is also available legal assistance for our compatriots abroad, who have unresolved issues at home, and for foreigners who stay in Ukraine. A lot of explanations are provided in English and other languages.

Confidentiality is one of the most important conditions of working with We do not publish questions from customers and lawyers’ answers. We respect the right of privacy and intellectual labor of our experts.


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