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  • maryott

    Ukraine has enormous potential and the possibility to develop it in the coming years

    François Marriott, General Director of Renault in Ukraine, told LDaily about the experience of being the world’s leading automobile corporation, Ukraine’s place in the Renault global system, as well as about trust as the key link to investment and relationships between producer and consumer. LDaily: When was the presentative office of Renault started up in Ukraine? F. Mariotte: Renault […]

  • vetsberg

    Rotary Club is engaged in fundraising to give something to people so everyone could use it

    Lars Westerberg, President of the International Rotary Club, opened the noblest side of the business for LDaily. He described how rich and middle-class business people can be involved in the salvation of lives of specific people or in improving the status of schools, orphanages, and homes for elderly people. He told how a unique Rotary […]