How many foreign investments did Ukraine attract in the past year?

According to the source Inventure, Ukraine has attracted nearly $ 4 billion ($ 3.8 billion) of foreign investment over the past 2016. This figure exceeds the amount of 2015 almost doubly.

These indicators were noted by First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv at the governmental seminar “The economic development of the regions: strategies and tools to attract investment and increase export potential”.

According to Stepan Kubiv on such indicator influenced several factors: firstly, it gave good results the work of the authorities to deregulate and decrease contacts between representatives of business with public officials.

In addition, by increasing the volume of attracted foreign investments, Ukraine also took more advanced position in the world rankings. Thus, the Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the further development of the reform will be a priority for the authorities. Advantageously, the government should focus on such priorities as privatization, customs reform, providing equal business conditions and subsequent deregulation.

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