How has the legislation of Ukraine changed during the year?

For the year 2016, much has changed in Ukraine’s legal system as well. By the representatives of the Ukrainian government was done an extensive work in the field of reform of the current legislation. December, 30 is the perfect time to take stock of this work.

We decided to focus on the innovations that are directly affected the scope of business management and law practice. Among them are the change of the tax system, judicial reform and amendments to the law on the protection of property rights.

Judicial reform

The reform provides the elimination of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, and all the high specialized courts. Their place will fill two high specialized courts for intellectual property and anti-corruption activities. In turn, the Supreme Court of Ukraine as a state institution will not disappear completely, but significant changes will affect its internal structure. This is an update of the judicial composition in accordance with the new requirements of public authorities.

Tax reform

First and foremost it is worth noting that the tax reform involves changes in the area of tax administration. Thus, GFSU delegate some of their competences to representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance. In particular this will affect the powers related to technical support, and the procedure of registration of taxpayers.

Among other important changes are: starting of full operation of the electronic office of taxpayer that will allow state service employees to access all the information on the tax payer, check payments to the budget, to inform citizens about the checks and provide acts or inquiries about the results of such tests online.

Branch of business regulation

In the area of business regulation, during the 2016 year of the legislator it adopted a series of measures aimed at the protection and development of national business. Among them are the maintenance of the draft law №5067, the essence of which is in opposition to raiding. According to the updated legislation, now a procedure of re-registration of the legal entity will be carried out in the presence of all the shareholders of the company. Also, the Law provides for criminal liability of the illegal re-registration.

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