Hotel Complex Premier Hotel Rus will own 24.95% of shares of Premier Palace Hotel

The three-star hotel metropolitan complex Rus intends to buy a stake of five-star hotel Premier Palace.

The nominal value of ordinary registered shares of Premier Palace is 0.25 UAH / pc, and the equity capital of the company – 366 700 000 UAH.

The hotel complex Rus, which is located in the center of Kyiv on the street Hospitalna, provides services of hotels and similar means of short-term accommodation. The complex was founded 10 years ago – in 2007. As of February, 1 this year, the owners of shares in the authorized capital of Rus are LLC Venture capital investment projects (9.5%, Kyiv), as well as Bakrel Enterprises Limited (90 , 5%, Cyprus) (according to the Unified state register of legal entities and natural persons-entrepreneurs). The ultimate beneficiary is Inna Tsuvaliakidu.

PAO Hotel Premier Palace was founded earlier – in 2004, the main activity is the same as that of the Rus. The company runs a five-star hotel on the boulevard Shevchenko in the capital. According to the disclosure system NKTSBFR net loss of PAO 2 years ago (2015) decreased by 3.7% when compared with the figures of 2014, and was equal to 559.278 million UAH. In turn, the net profit increased by 1.6 times – to 181.813 million UAH.

According to data for the 3 rd quarter of 2016 the shareholders of Premier Palace were the following companies: Pumori Enterprises Investments Ltd. – 62.2315%, Cyprus, LLC East-European hotel companies – 12.7502%, and OOO Olstar Hospitality Group (Union) – 16.3365%.

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