Happy New Year from the chief editor

Dear colleagues, interviewers, reporters and our readers!

In the name of the entire editorial project team of Lawyers Daily we wish you a Happy New Year!

The outgoing year was very special for me personally and for all of my surroundings. Thanks to the “rebirth” of Lawyers Daily we got the attention of the best readers – modern Ukrainians! And next year we will continue the good tradition of writing about those who want to change the business for the better and take care of the brand of Ukraine in the world!

Many of you have already seen the new website Lawyers Daily, and are already familiar with the magazine Lawyers Daily. And we are very grateful for your positive comments and warm wishes – this is the best evaluation of our collective work and recognition of the high quality of our work! May the New Year bring us all joy, happiness, satisfaction with the work done and the only good news!

Your Chief Editor Zhanna Garashchuk


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