Gasoline went up quietly

Already in the first days of 2017 tariffs on gasoline and diesel fuel have risen slightly. Such data are provided by leading Ukrainian company Consulting Group A-95, which conducts professional study of the market of petroleum products.

Prices for gasoline and diesel fuel rose within 1.6%, and liquefied petroleum gas, on the other hand, fell in price by 0.1%. This increase and the decline in prices is due to the modulation of charging and collecting excise procedures.

Manager of the consulting agency A-95 Serhiy Kuiun said that the overall tax burden was not change, just two excises were combined into one. A liquefied natural gas total tax even become less than it was before. The expert was referring to the base rate, which is paid by suppliers and fuel producers, and retail tax levy that is charged at the gas station.

For gasolines, for example, deputies have raised the base rate by 42 € – to € 213.5 per 1000 liters.

Therefore, market participants should not expect great changes in fuel price due to the excise tax.

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