Fourth National KAIZEN Conference

«We did what others did not. We became leaders, now others follow us»

Where to take money for Kaizen? Who is involved in the implementation of Kaizen in the company and does an individual need to do this? We hear this a lot, but we do not know much about it: Hoshin Kanri – what is it and how to apply it? Kaizen is not alone or single: TRIZ and TOC ready to help. Kaizen, IT and Industry 4.0. This is only part of the issues that we will discuss on November 14-16 at the Fourth National KAIZEN Conference: «KAIZEN – small steps to the great success».

KAIZEN Conference Format:

The first two days are parallel work in two conference halls in the direction of Production and Service sectors. In these days you are expected to:

  • reports directly from Kaizen implementation practitioners from companies Interpipe Steel, JTI, Modern-Expo Group, Teremno Khlib, TAS Group, Raiffeisen Bank Aval and others not less famous;
  • reports from practicing Kaizen Institute consultants from Ukraine, Russia and Finland on Kaizen tools and related techniques implementation, which together give even better results;
  • practical cases and discussions on the application of methods of continuous improvement;
  • Japanese atmosphere.

The third day is optional:

  • KAIZEN-tour: visiting companies (Elopak-Fastov or Lantmannen Axa) that successfully apply the Kaizen philosophy.
  • KAIZEN-training: practical work on the application of certain methods of continuous improvement separately for those who are already in “the topic”.

Let join to the followers of continuous improvement on November 14-16, 2017 at the President Hotel in Kyiv!

Detail information about this upcoming event you can find here  or by phone 044 204 81 13, 067 972 46 64.


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