Expert Market: where do the most persistent businessmen in the world live

Repeatedly on Lawyers Daily magazine, we turned to the question: where is the best place to start your own business? Where is the most loyal tax system of the world and how to turn your desires and ambitions into a profitable project?

Nevertheless, we offer you, our readers, to get acquainted with another idea, belonging to the American analysts consulting company Expert Market. Its essence lies in the fact that not always the success od new business depends on external circumstances and the favorable climate, but also on intrinsic motivation. As the argument in favor of the above thesis, we offer to study the results of research by Expert Market.

According to received information , the most ambitious entrepreneurs of the world live in the United States. At the same time, the United States is one of the best places to start your own business, because the law and the general development of business culture in the country offers potential for business all the conditions for a smooth start of commercial activity. On the other hand, a company founded in the United States, with face two problems: high taxes and competition, which, as claimed by Franklin can not be avoided.

In turn, among the countries where to start the own business it is extremely difficult are Brazil, India and the states of South Africa. Nevertheless, despite not favorable external circumstances (he high level of corruption and lack of support from the government etc) , Brazilian entrepreneurs have been recognized as one of the most persistent in the world.


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