Customers of PrivatBank complain about the failures in the payment cards operations

Some owners of PrivatBank payment cards can have difficulties while paying goods and services via the terminal or PayPass. It is reported by Ukrainian news portal AIN.UA referring to the information furnished by the Bank.

According to official explanations by consultants of nationalized financial institution customers whose card starts from a combination of numbers 5457, may face certain difficulties during the implementation of the transaction. To eliminate the inconvenience Private clients are encouraged to contact one of the branches of the bank for a free replacement of the payment card. In that case, if the person is abroad, and therefore is not able to replace quickly the credit card, the bank promises to reimburse the customer the cost of the commission while withdrawing cash.

According to the head of retail business PrivatBank Oleksiy Shaban, the cause of incorrect operation of separate batch of cards issued by the bank, is the failure of the chip. In particular, it is a failure in the processing parameters when reading information from particular types of chips.

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