Court rejects IAU litigation

As  Interfax-Ukraine reports, the Administrative court rejected the claim of the International Airline Company of Ukraine (IAU) for the charge of the collection in specialised state fund of   aviation activities expenses financing.

On November 9, 2016, the court made the decision on materials of the state register of judgments which were published on its official site.

The state avia service provided information on the debt of IAU that today constitutes 240,298 million hryvnias.

Interested persons of National anti-corruption bureau wrote the appeal to Anti-corruption prosecutor’s office about suspicion of  IAU administration representatives of making of a criminal offence concerning excess of their office powers.

For the last 2 years, the management of the International airlines of Ukraine illegally has seized means of the State specialised fund of nation-wide expenses financing on aviation activities under cover of officials of the Public air service of Ukraine. The latest events called into question participation of Ukraine in the international aviation organisations.

In response to the stated above accusations, IAU declared pressure from National anti-corruption committee  and participation of Ukraine in international actions on the  legal basis. In turn, IAU declares unwillingness of the power to settle the conflict about payment of charges in the specialised state fund.

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