China and Korea are investing in Ukraine?

In Ukraine this year can begin flow the investment from Korea and China. It became known from the message of the investment portal InVenture. This development scenario is possible with the signing of an agreement on free trade zone with China.

About potential investment operations notified Oleh Ustenko – Executive Director of the company, which explores the economy of Ukraine (International Fund Blazer).

Ruler believes that China sees Ukraine as a decent platform with the help of which it will be possible promote their products on the EU space. In the case of a potential signing of an agreement on an FTA with the government of East Asia, Ukraine will be able to create the basis for the inflow of foreign direct investment.

Also Ustenko noted that the statement of China´s intention to conduct negotiations on an FTA with Ukraine, drew the attention of Korea, which, in turn, may also invest in the Ukrainian economy, taking into account such industry as engineering, in addition to the agricultural sector and the energy sector.

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