American business will receive a $ 1 billion investment from Fiat Chrysler

After criticism of Donald Trump on autoenterprise facilities in Mexico, the US company for the construction of Chrysler cars decided to take only the local development of vehicles. It is reported by Ukrainian investment portal InVenture.

So the company decided to create 2000 additional jobs in the United States planning to invest $ 1 billion in factories in Ohio and Michigan until 2020. In its official address a carmaker stressed that the company diligently continues to strengthen its manufacturing base in the United States and in 2009 thanks to its management 25 thousand new jobs were created in the state.

At the same time the manufacturer General Motors, which also received a fair share of criticism, has not changed its plans for production abroad.

It is worth noting that the US president’s dissatisfaction about autoproduction abroad is due to the fact that this way US companies are trying to avoid the tax burden and costs associated with producing the goods.

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