About Project

LDaily – is an information and analytical business publication with an actual information for business people, the source of an exclusive content about entrepreneurship  and everything, that is connected with it,  important events of Ukrainian and World economy , and resource  for comments and interviews with famous businessmen and authority representatives, author’s special projects and other materials, which are interesting to the modern businessman.

LDaily -is the magazine of business news, on which filling  the team of professional editors, journalists, and content managers have been  working. Here you will be informed about interesting programs and thematic events, cases, and stories of the most different people and  companies.

LDaily – is a unique edition in the Ukrainian media market which concept is based on the segmented approach to informing representatives of business and which gives an opportunity to communicate with your target audience that, respectively, as much as possible increases chances to inform about necessary information of different people and companies

Our goal –is to be the source of a helpful knowledge and opportunities for people who will to develop the business and keep pace with the modern society, and also to convince entrepreneurs that business processes in Ukraine can be created and developed as it happens in this democratic state.

Our mission:  

  • to provide a full support in the development of small, medium and large business in Ukraine and abroad;
  • to popularize an idea of business development only in the legal framework;t
  • to promote gender equality in the business of any direction and level informatively.

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